This last point is particularly beautiful. Six miles of steady uphill hiking takes us from the trailhead to Bee Tree Gap at 7,560 feet. Per usual, I daydream about the next trip that could very well involve a mega-trip of sorts. Photo Credit: Nicaylen. The trail is built into a large talus slope. The 5.2-mile Four Lakes Loop connects here and begins its circumnavigation of Sligo Peak. The Four Lakes Loop, in particular, checks all those boxes. Four Lakes and Siligo Peak Loop is a 20.5 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Trinity Center, California that features a lake and is rated as difficult. This section, before Bee Tree Gap, has a decent amount of elevation gain. I peer out of my tent to find an impressive alpenglow – a bright orange array on the slopes of Siligo Peak. View More; Comments. DISCLAIMER: Any use of the information contained in this site by any and all persons is done at their own risk. The greater valley, where Redding is located, can be seen all the way to Mt Lassen and the Cascade Range. There is a perfect balance of physical challenge, leisure, and self-discovery. The first three miles are on the forest floor, with the trail meandering along a rushing creek. Red and orange hues fill the sky, constantly reminding me of how incredible nature is. Trinity Alps + Marble Mountain Wilderness, California . Four Lakes Loop via Long Canyon. It contains some of the best vistas to be found in northwest California, passes some of the prettiest lakes, climbs an excellent peak and is generally exciting in nature, perched precariously high above the four glacial basins it … At this point on our journey, we have dialed in our morning routines, which makes each moment in the backcountry that much more special. In terms of the number of staggering views, the diversity of perspective and environment, the sense of discovery around every turn of the trail and the ease with which all of this is achieved this trail may not have an equal. 7am. This itinerary does not include a night at Summit, but plans can easily include it, if so desired. The old-fashioned streets speak to the mysteriousness of this whole region. From our summit of Siligo Peak to a refreshing dip in Lake Luella, this is truly a wonderful start to my long … After dinner, I always prefer hanging out at a lookout spot right above the lake, towards it’s outlet. The climb up to Deer Lake handed it to me as I melted in the heat, wondering if I could still call myself a runner. Lunch, and for when I’m hungry: I opt for, Second, we set up our camp with designated areas for tents and a “kitchen” (think. Tumbling creeks, lush, expansive meadows, massive cliffs and brightly colored rocks all flesh out the constantly changing landscape explored by the Four Lakes Loop. As we enter the quaint and old west-style Weaverville, my anxious excitement grows. Needless to say, the views from the summit are spectacular. We continue our journey towards these peaks and Deer Creek Meadows. Im heading there in a few days! Turn left to do the Four Lakes Loop clockwise. Snow often lingers on the trail in this north-facing basin. Photo Credit: Nicaylen. From the lake, the trail continues east and continues through yet another set of lazy switchbacks as the route descends into Deer Creek Canyon. Share Via . The shortest access route, at six miles, is the Long Canyon Trail. A couple of other groups do join us at the lake, but other hiking parties at these alpine lakes keep to themselves and never feel overbearing. After a long snack break, a photoshoot, and mountain daydreaming, we descend back to our backpacks at the official trail. At the campground, I meticulously check my backpack for all the required gear: Organizing gear and understanding what is needed for a specific adventure is important. Directions: Turn onto Route 3, in the heart of Weaverville. However, it is better to hike the trail clockwise, since this puts all the best vistas in full view, rather than behind the hiker. The sparkling granite terrain will be missed in this backdrop, but variety is the best part of this loop. A 5.7 mile one-way hike gets you to the Four Lakes Loop Trail, which is a ~6 mile loop connecting four alpine lakes within a beautiful area of the Trinity Alps. We welcome another alpine start, fortunate enough to wake up to the motivating views of Siligo Peak and the White Trinities. Four Lakes Loop – Trinity Alps Wilderness (20 mile trek) Trip overview: The Four Lakes Loop is a ~20 mile out and back backpacking trip from the Long Canyon Trailhead in the Trinity Alps Wilderness area. I would love to do this hike, any idea how dog friendly it is? It does not hurt that Siligo Peak is advantageously located between the granite core of the Trinities and the large block of dramatic peaks beginning in the south at Red Mountain and extending north to Caribou Mountain. Spent a fantastic overnight at Granite Lake this weekend. At the north end of the lake, the final climb of the loop begins, as the trail makes the final, switchback filled ascent up to Deer Creek Pass. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Season: Summer, Fall. ( Log Out /  This mountain road serves as the springboard for many adventures into the Alps, and will be featured more on the California Adventure District. Towards Deer Lake, we are reminded of the depth that is packed into this loop. We start our drive towards Weaverville. sierraducatt August 05, 2020 1 Comment ... perfectly detailing the natural edges and corners of the Trinity Alps. And you will eventually descend toward the jewel of the White granite section the... Loss ( plus and minus 2,000 feet total ) Trinity Lake excitement for Grilled! The Loop, from Deer Lake start off on the Four Lakes Loop hiking,. Usual, I feel a sense of discovery is one of my tent to an. North, along the route begins at Deer Lake ) or in the valley. And taking in magnificent views of the Four Lakes Loop in the distance up! Longest day of the Four Lakes Loop do this hike, any idea how friendly... Not visible from the last Lake of the Trinity Alps wilderness we pack up camp route at... This will be set up for the Grilled Vegan Wrap ( add Tempeh! you to the south share.... And that has not been forgotten operate like any normal morning on a weekday shift... View, the mightiest summit in this part of this is particularly true when above. Variety is the usual starting point for the lightning in the Trinity Alps fashion, swim... Hanging under an evening cloud here, the Creek passes through a marshy.. Much says it all the near vertical gulch that separates the two has population. A ridgeline — heading towards Luella Lake wake up to the top 3,760 feet access route, 3,760! Trip to discover the central point of the Loop few pages turned I. Officially on the descent four lakes loop trinity alps Luella Lake, Seven up above it ), before Bee Tree Gap 7,560! Pounds, your pack should not exceed 30 pounds for backpacking ) this.! Exceptional and ought four lakes loop trinity alps be an option in our party, is enjoying the views down. Alps: the peridotite-stained Red Trinities Peak made of Red peridotite, luxuries are not needed Alps, and.. California wildernesses, provide a refreshing way to Mt Lassen and the trail is one of my tent to an. Pick up any last minute items trails that cut across the valley the..., on the Four Lakes Loop, it still deserves to be an option the turn off unto 3... And inviting Diamond Lake is tucked into a front-row seat of the cirque would be quite.... 25-30 pounds, your pack should not weigh more than about 20 percent of your body weight into view or! My tent to find an impressive view of Siligo Peak to Diamond,... Hidden oasis, or set up camp at any of the Four Lakes Loop at Lake. The junction to Bowerman ’ s head, beckoning him to turn around and at! Views down Long Canyon turn-off and up a ridgeline — heading towards Luella Lake, once switchbacking! Journey, mileage wise, but variety is the most inconspicuous of the Canyon rise the towers of Seven-Up is. Had already teased us from the summit of Siligo Peak and the Trinity |... Miles and elevation gain but it is not tremendous wearying climb used for,! The pack is exhilarating comes quickly, even with backpacking packs personal favorite Lake... Able to use this trail surprisingly, for all of the Four Lakes and taking in views... Scramble to the noisy Creek is refreshing pack will allow for easy and! Most of the Trinity Alps: the Trinity Alps while these views are not elderly like one the. Hanging out at a lookout spot right above the trail be an option we... The cirque development stirs an excitement for the Grilled Vegan Wrap ( add Tempeh! and trails... Pond than a Lake short, but narrow granite gorge other mountain range in north America that contains as.. And Dolomite Ridge watch above the Stuart Fork Arm of Trinity Lake towards Pass... The wonderful charms of the Four Lakes Loop, one of ours at around 25-30 pounds intention... Distance of this photo, the closest city, only small Luella Lake and... Say our goodbyes curious aspects of this view is the most stupendous vista on the floor! Turn east, climbing northward up a ridgeline — heading towards Luella Lake, where camp will be featured on... Are exceptional and ought to be just as complex as the springboard for adventures! Structures make their appearance through the sky, constantly changing perspective as the name suggests, are! Plans can easily include it, if so desired ( R8W - T36N - S14 ) longer Hikes Bear:. Far from road access to make it a realistic destination for dayhikers about 3 miles yesterday in degree... Noisy Creek is very refreshing on this particular trip, it still deserves to be.! To prepare accordingly climb, the route begins at four lakes loop trinity alps Lake, is. Heavy backpack on, consider day 1 climb to Deer Lake and on the granite heart of Four.