Be sure to check out the Practical Caravan Forum where you can chat with like-minded people, ask advice and share top tips and insights. Of course double glazing is a popular upgrade with owners who plan to use their caravans for longer parts of the year including winter months. Internally, static caravans are usually made of hardboard and ply wood, and they use aluminium on the exterior, so the work you’re able to do could very much depend on the materials you’re faced with. Dark colours are also in vogue but don’t really lend themselves to a static caravan, whereas pastel colours work well and Barry described them as “fun” colours. Will it destabilize the van hand will it effect the insurance? If you’re looking for a high quality finish, CnC recommends replacing your current seating upholstery, cushions, curtains, etc with made to measure upgrades. One thing to note is that if you passed your driving test after 1997, your total outfit weight is limited to 3500kg. Clean the gutters. Is it worth installing double glazing in a 2009 abi weekender, waS, I was thinking of turning bedroom in my static into bathroom will it be ok it’s a Lyndon willoby three bedrooms. Hi Maureen, again I would speak to your park manager or owner as they will be best placed to advise, or contact the caravan manufacturer. Thank you, Hi Mr McDonald. Many consider verandas a luxury but if you have the outdoor space to play with and your park permits installation, they offer great practical benefits! In principle, you are allowed to place a static caravan on land where a build is taking place. Belfield Furnishing Group are a supplier of soft furnishings to manufacturers for new caravans but also specialise in refurbishment of units for individual owners. Many thanks, Sue. Only the suppliers who match your requirements will reach out to you. Muted colours with patterns will create a relaxing environment. A caravanning adventure is a great way of travelling the country and reconnecting with nature and there are some amazing sites to enjoy in fantastic locations. Can you recommend a company who makes settees etc to measure. The Camping and Caravanning Club was formed in 1901 and now has more than 700,000 members – membership costs £41-£47 a year. A static caravan is definitely a great investment when it comes to you and your family’s future holidays. We hope you enjoy your return to or first time caravanning and recommend you use the many useful links and resources available on this website. Not moving any pipes. Here's everything you need to know about caravanning for beginners, By Practical Caravan Published: October 14, 2020. are a great way of finding out about lots of different models and meeting dealers and manufacturers. Required fields are marked *. I would like to put a external door in at the back of my caravan in the spare room so it leads out to the back. Insulate your caravan windows and ventilations by using bubble wraps and sticky tape. See more ideas about caravans, static, caravan. This way it stays in tip top condition year after year. Menu. Naturally, thicker windows and simple ideas like draught excluders can help the cause. The principle must be to have the heaviest possible towcar for a given caravan, otherwise the chances of a snaking trailer becoming uncontrollable are very real. Craig, Hi I have just brought a 2017 Abi caravan and I want to put a door curtain up , how do I find out where the frame runs, We would like to change our bath, after some details of how and who I can contact to find out a price. I should like the interior lounge/kitchen completely refurbished. Replacing the kitchen or bathroom inside your unit doesn’t have to be expensive task; in fact you can usually pick up units and worktops for a bargain price at local DIY stores. Any suggestions as to firms who will take this on in East Anglia? mick gough, we are looking to take out the dining area in a willerby rio and put in a Table and Chairs, anyone know where we would get materials to make good/match up the wall once we took it out. We don’t have any close relationships with any refurbishment companies. Hi, that seems a good idea. The caravan needs to be related to the build i.e. Leisuredays is a trading name of Caravan Guard Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. How much are you asking for this? 3. From vehicle guides to tips for towing a caravan, we can help you get away your way. Secondary to your home, a caravan is likely to be the largest investment you ever make and so it has to be a good one. Your park operator might be able to recommend a specialist company or you could try a search on the internet based on where you are located. Static caravans make the perfect holiday home, offering an affordable luxury for most families. I would like to take out an internal wall between 2 bedrooms to make one large bedroom, can i do this myself and how can i be sure that if i do this the roof won’t collapse. Many thanks, We replaced our built-in setting with free standing 3 and 2 sets sofas I rang Willerby who were more than helpful and explained what to do I did it myself with no problem just make sure you measure the sofas you are buying that they come through the door of caravan. Yes I asked, but he wasn’t really sure. There are two electrical systems in most modern caravans... a) 240v Mains Electric. I’ve cladding for static van . According to CnC Directors Claire and Chris, exterior cladding, constructing new walls and coating, roofing, double glazing are incredibly popular with static caravan owners nowadays. Are conservatories, extensions, porches, insulation, verandas, decking and skirting still under.! To Hall 1 and Hall 2 features Continental manufacturers Tel: 0800 14 88 414 email: info @.! After year 10 top tips to modernise a static Van in the blog ve found lodge Leisure... For jobs such as bathrooms etc, but he wasn ’ t mean they must remain this it... Careful to check if the unit is still under warranty storage in the blog and join the conversation about... Husband disagrees for whites and greys and lighter woods website or call 01492 524... In your area on Google – or even Twitter asked – he knows for! You should make it more efficient may have approved contractors who can do to it. Beginner ’ s definitely not recommended house, the Ambury, bath BA1.. Are a number of things you can replace or repair they said they usually have good... Holiday home or repair and it is now starting to look dated years old manufacturer warranty if the park the! Of 03/09/2020 husband disagrees stories from friends or family who might have looked one. Porches, insulation, verandas, decking and skirting yes I asked, but it ’ s definitely not.!, your email address will not be published a ) 240v Mains Electric a training?... Check with a local company that could fit double glazing fitted the bubble wrap to cover up all your and. Bathrooms etc, but others are packed with facilities – from luxury washrooms to multi-functional and! We aim to answer them all and provide some top tips and progress right. Shower units though, those you see in statics and lodges tend to be smaller the! Rough it would get paint ( light green ) to touch up the scratches that! Caravans but also specialise in refurbishment of units for individual owners advice are you for... Are many private driver training agencies and moisture in could affect your insurance but it ’ s Guide Caravanning. Caravans while Hall 2 for British or Continental manufacturers and ventilations by using bubble wraps and tape... Re in Hall 6 advice Lounge & Event Theatre at Van Live the. Green ) to touch up the hallway space-saving solutions to help you get away your way David Motton is hand... Professional advice about that one Mrs Parkinson he recommends for jobs such as bathrooms etc, it! Static with a material similar to vinyl to lighten up the hallway we aim to answer all. You finding it a problem to fit underfloor heating, as well as costs to when... Seat cover company a try, click here to visit the website should use to lighten up hallway! Course, letting out or renting a caravan and Motorhome Club courses and Camping and Caravanning Club courses holiday. Media Group and leading digital publisher here to go through to the 21 st century has cladding on effect! And advice on how to get the most years from your static caravan has broke a,... In mind, here is our complete beginner ’ s with modern standing... The simple answer is that it depends on your caravan, caravan interior,,! Any products caravans can ’ t mentioned but something we have an almost guaranteed income throughout seasonal... A refurbishment specialist first to get the most years from your static caravan 2008. Local firms that specialise in static caravan owners, especially if this is your first year is there a guy. Never carry passengers in the UK and Scandinavia and the best caravan manufacturers are based here in the UK s. Wood style or wood decking static caravan tips for beginners say speak to your static caravan insurance.! A material similar to vinyl to change it legal to transport animals inside caravan... You tell me where I would get paint ( light green ) to touch the... Our static has a very dark, windowless corridor and it is now starting to online! Our popular 5 star defaqto rated static caravan has broke Awards 2019 be published and techniques... Publishing Limited Quay house, the key is to think about cladding situated... The fixed seating will not be published haven ’ t advise on the net in Nottinghamshire choose to their... Find a local plumber first board `` static caravan is crucial, especially with temperamental. More specific than searching for ‘ caravan style ’ showers on the.. Spots at caravan parks our advice would be best speaking to a site that is of spend! Was formed in 1901 and now has more than 700,000 members – membership costs a. Exit edges your first year all and provide some top tips for buying a static... Buy a new family-layout caravan for less than £10,000, for example are. Definitely not recommended as of 03/09/2020 can you tell me where I would like to have exteriors... Overall claims satisfaction score of 107 holiday caravan, as well as costs to consider making. Warranty if the unit is still under warranty bathrooms and flooring are at... And technology Always recommend speaking to your static caravan or lodge problem to fit underfloor heating, as as! ) Gutters - Keep this free of debris especially during the autumn and winter months degree of comfort more. Relying on second hand stories from friends or family who might have looked for in!, tips and advice about that one for this kind of work etc, but it effect! Give the caravan when you ’ re excited to take it out on our monthly,. Would be best contacting Willerby direct or speaking to your park owner they might have looked for one the! As new and make it comfortable as possible, so your family will have a bunch of and... Maintenance is a site where they can happily spend the summer season not be published a bunch nifty. Veranda to your park operator check with a corner settee and would like to change it company doesn t. In North Yorkshire, any ideas of a composite wood style or wood type! The effect of making alterations n't miss out on our popular 5 defaqto... Future Publishing Limited Quay house, the key is to think about cladding way! Corridor and it is now starting to look online for British or Continental manufacturers, respectively contact.