You can use some of the downtime during traveling to begin taking notes about the program you are about to visit. c. Neurotmesis is disruption of the axon with preservation of the axon sheath which usually preserves sensory and motor function D. Computed tomography (CT) of the brain. Focus on specific aspects of the program, such as the patient population, types of procedures, access to a certain technology, mentorship, anything unique to the program etc. With few exceptions, the programs located in the same city or greater metropolitan area do not coordinate their interview dates, leading to more expensive long-haul flights. Is the program family friendly? D. A patient with intractable complex partial seizure. The interview is one of the most important phases of the neurosurgical residency application process. env: 'prod_', Just like the previous question, you can answer this with an academic experience or a personal one. In the case of teaching a lesson, make sure to assess your student’s knowledge base before beginning. What is the critical difference between frame-based and frameless stereotactic procedures? He was found to have weakness of the left triceps muscle and a diminished left triceps jerk. Your email address will not be published. Since most applicants complete only 2-4 subinternships, the interview is your chance to put a face and a personality to your application for the majority of programs to which you apply. The intracranial tumor most likely to be encountered in a middle-aged man with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is: Or, could you see yourself at that program, in that city, with those people for the next seven years? The neurosurgeon who has had the most profound influence on the development of neurosurgery is: Working with other people is very much like playing a team sport and many neurosurgeons draw parallels between the two. Use your interviewer’s name when you can. b. Axonotmesis is disruption of the axon and axon sheath associated with traumatic injury A 54-year-old patient with a history of successful renal transplantation is hospitalized with a diverticular abscess. applicationId: 'GFVEMUXOFA', Answer: a, e, Your email address will not be published. a. Is resident turnout poor because they are working or because they just did not feel like coming? b. NEUROSURGERY Objective Type Questions with Answers. D. Hydrocephalus. 15 Toughest Interview Questions and Answers! B. You can take this answer in any direction you wish. D. Weakness of dorsiflexion of the foot is a mechanical sign of a lumbar disc herniation. Your answer should reflect this in a way that involves the family members making this request; your first move should be to persuade them that their involvement with the patient’s care will be beneficial, and that the patient will need their support to cope with this diagnosis and the treatment plan. In NYC, this translated into, "NYC is a lot more expensive than Chicago. A. Cranial osteomyelitis most frequently arises from the spread of bacteria through the bloodstream from an infection elsewhere in the body. C. The joints of Luschka are the main spinal facet joints. Healthcare employers tend to lean towards asking behavioral-based interview questions. E. The patient’s age influences the rate and success of nerve regeneration. Avoid crossing your arms, turning away from your interviewer, or nervously fidgeting (tapping your foot, moving your fingers, playing with your hair, etc.). "logo": { Answer: c, d. 36. Have a succinct and simple description of your research experiences, including the one or two main techniques, concepts, or skills you took away from the experience and how the research fits into your overall narrative. B. searchOnlyApiKey: '5c88b6da6278f079160f45cdb094708a', Which one did you like best/worst and why? "name": "The Neurosurgical Atlas", "@type": "ScholarlyArticle", Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses? Which of the following statement(s) is/are true concerning this patient’s management? a. The usual symptomatic lumbar disc herniation occurs in a posterolateral direction. Neurosurgeons may also correct deformities and treat illnesses of the spinal cord. C. Can present as an enlarging cerebellar mass. Focus on yourself and your unique qualities that make neurosurgery right for you. As this is yet another opportunity to talk about your interests outside of medicine and to paint a picture of yourself as a fun and well-rounded person, we recommend avoiding books about neurosurgery. I could probably have been happy in another specialty, but I think that neurosurgery was the right choice for me. DOI:, Copyright © 2020 Neurosurgical Atlas, Inc. All Rights Reserved. E. Decreased amount of N-acetyl aspartate (NAA) and increased amount of lactate can be shown in the MR spectroscopy (MRS) of a patient with acute stroke. You disagree with your senior’s assessment of a patient. Here's how it works: we've created 90+ videos of strong, stellar answers to the most common, highest-yield residency interview questions. Sample Interview Questions for Faculty Candidates To help facilitate the search process, the Office for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and the Office of Academic Personnel have compiled a list of questions that faculty might use during telephone and/or on-campus interviews. Avoid answering with general reasons like the location or sports team. Dress in a semi-conservative manner. What was the hardest part of the (medical school or residency) interview process? The tasks usually involve building something out of Legos or clay, drawing something, or even tying knots. Answer: c, d, e. 35. >>Ready to pursue even bigger opportunities? “He/she is an excellent applicant; I would love to work with him/her, as I have done so in the past and we actually communicated effectively and efficiently etc.” Anything negative you say about an applicant, even if pressed to do so, will reflect extremely poorly on you, and the above answer will make you look better than any negative thing you could possibly say. What was the most difficult situation you encountered in medical school? Other than that, the most grueling part of the application process was the amount of time and money it cost to interview. Top 3 Residency Interview Questions Myelomeningoceles are congenital malformations of the spinal cord. 21. Be ready to justify your answer. We recognize that faculty and residents will be asking you all day if you have any questions, and you may feel that you do not have any legitimate questions left by the time you get to the actual interviews. E. The absence of a lesion in the brain on digitized imaging studies. E. They are at times associated with spinal dysraphism. E. If a nerve is found to be disrupted at delayed (3 to 8 weeks) exploration, the surgeon should find the two ends of the nerve and suture them together. The interviewer might push you to say something negative about the other applicant but NEVER do this. We have also created a separate list of interview General Questions for Faculty and Program Directors. D. Axonal sprouting begins 1 to 2 months after transection of a peripheral nerve. Be careful and diplomatic, and take everything with a grain of salt. E. Full neck extension frequently accentuates the neck and arm pain of a patient with a cervical disc herniation. Consolidate all of your flights onto one airline, if possible. B. Pupillary reflexes. Which of the following statements are true? As a general rule, it is best if your clothes are not what you are remembered for. "@type": "ImageObject", Answer: BDE, 4. At the end (and sometimes at the beginning) of each interview, you will have the opportunity to ask questions about the program. E. Contralateral loss of two-point discrimination. Required fields are marked *. We have included a list of relevant questions that you can ask the residency program. Your personal statement likely addresses this, but again, keep this less than 5 minutes and succinct. } C. Recovery from neurotmesis requires surgical repair. Terms of Use | Further, programs are not to engage in post-interview communication that is disingenuous for the purpose of influencing applicants’ ranking preferences. In any residency interview you go to, there will be general questions and medical questions related to the specialty. Other applicants give a trusted, less busy family member or friend their email login credentials (not recommended for security reasons) and access to their scheduling calendar so that this proxy can reply within minutes. As of the 2016 interview season, interview invites arrive via several modalities: In the authors’ experience, the majority of invitations arrive via direct email from the program or via ERAS message. It takes the core list of competencies that are required to be a good resident and physician and then develops a series of questions that will allow the interviewer to explore your past performance in these areas. Many programs provide a list of contact information for faculty and residents you can use to send notes. Surgical therapy for epilepsy should be considered in patients with: A. everything you do is being evaluated, either consciously or subconsciously, by the residents and faculty who see you. Another opportunity to express something personal about yourself that is not in your ERAS application. "@type": "WebPage", A. Extradural neoplasms are usually benign. D. The majority of astrocytomas can be cured surgically. Behavioral-based questions are asked to get a sense of how the interviewee performs or behaves under specific circumstances. Ensure your answers progress clearly—avoid non-sequiturs and tangents—and address the question directly. What piece of art has most influenced you? Second looks are a tricky part of the interview trail as they are meant to give an applicant a better idea about a program by allowing them to see the day-to-day intricacies of the neurosurgical service. E. C7–T1. Prepare yourself for one of the best parts of the interview process (especially if you like good food): the dinner! This may include a list of pros and cons or a spreadsheet of variables you think are important. Program policies will vary, but expect to act in an observer capacity only; you will likely not scrub in or be able to participate in any patient care activities. This event is one of the few times the residents will have the chance to see if you are the type of person they would want to work closely with for several years. Be prepared to have a good answer for this question, especially if you identified research and academics as a primary interest. window.algolia = { Every applicant should familiarize themselves with the rules in the NRMP Code of Conduct regarding post-interview communication. Many applicants use a “padfolio” or similar notebook to write down at least the names of the chairman, program director, and any associate program directors, and their subspecialties, along with several potential research mentors. Be honest about your interests, but avoid saying anything negative about any subspecialty. It is best to answer these questions with real-life stories and examples. You can talk about your mentors and the advice they have given you regarding this topic, or you can identify one or two neurosurgeons (preferably at the institution where you’re interviewing!) D. Stereotactic craniotomy for excision of arteriovenous malformation in the right posterior thalamus. Interview formats vary, but most are two days, with a primarily social event the first afternoon/evening and the actual interviews lasting most of the second day. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Engineering interview questions,Mcqs,Objective Questions,Class Lecture Notes,Seminor topics,Lab Viva Pdf PPT Doc Book free download. Which of the following conditions can be evaluated by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)? Be warned that many interviewers at academically-focused programs will be quick to state their cynicism about your answer, as the vast majority of applicants claim that they want to stay in academics, whereas the numbers after graduation do not reflect this. Review the questions listed in the next section "From the Program Director's Perspective" as well. a. b. Intracranial hypertension is one of the most important factors affecting outcome for brain injury 30. B. Observing the patient’s seizures. d. Surgical treatment is reserved for the patient with acute or progressive neurologic deficit, chronic disabling back pain, or both In this article, we will list interview questions and answers, as well as provide tips to help you get ready. Answer: ABCD, 6. See the NRMP Match statistics for the latest information regarding average rank list lengths, which change from year to year. Regardless of how you answer any specific question in any of the above categories, keep in mind that the interview should be more than a routine interview; your interviewer should feel engaged and excited to meet you and speak with you. Many applicants recommend flying on Southwest Airlines when possible, as Southwest does not charge fees for changing flights (which can happen as interviews are canceled or rescheduled, or if there is inclement weather, especially in the Northeast or Midwest in December/January, etc.). d. Appropriate parenteral antibiotic treatment should be sufficient in this high risk patient. As a warning, many applicants have experienced difficulties accessing the ERAS message center and the scheduling applet from smartphones (especially Apple iOS-based devices). If so, in what? The culture of the program is one of the most important factors to consider. Our specialty is small and word travels quickly. This can often be tailored to each program or even interviewer. Over 85% of cerebral aneurysms occur in the carotid or anterior circulation Always be positive, diplomatic and affable! "publisher": { A. As mentioned above, after the interview, you should take some time to compile notes on the program you just visited. You can describe this in your answer which will hopefully reveal how much you understand about the rigors ahead of you. E. Mydriasis. Do not be late to an interview - it is unacceptable to oversleep during residency, and it is also not acceptable to sleep through part of your interview day. A. Contralateral loss of pin appreciation. Answer: AC, 9. Politely say, “well I know most about myself so I will focus on the great things I have to offer such as X, Y, and Z.” If you feel pressured to mention the other person, then say something nice about them. You should be evaluating all of these questions and more during and after the dinner. })(window,document,'script','//','ga'); Many applicants have found that signing up for rewards credit cards before the interview season has saved them significant amounts of money. How would you react if your chief did not agree with you? D. Should not be treated surgically when they occur in the cerebellum. The faculty should remember something especially meaningful and enduring about you. who have done this particularly well and discuss how they potentially balance their obligations. Simple and self-explanatory but choose what you share wisely. Take advantage of this chance to make the case that you’d be a great colleague. Answer: a, b, d. 38. E. Weakness of dorsiflexion of the left foot. C. Electroencephalography. A. A few programs will make it very clear during the interview day that second looks are recommended for the applicants to be ranked highly at that program. Obstetrics and Gynecology residency is one of the competitive specialties where AMGs and IMGs compete in this domain. A. Which of the following statements about intraspinal dermoid and epidermoid tumors and lipomas are true? Which of the following stereotactic procedures would be performed primarily to alter the function of the brain? D. Exophthalmos. Please donate now! B. Answer: ABCD, 8. Which of the following statement(s) is/are true concerning this patient? You can take this opportunity to express a hobby or personal interest that you are passionate about or honestly describe another career that has interested you and elaborate on why you are drawn to that, ideally creating a parallel with qualities that are also found in neurosurgery. Some applicants recommend setting up an email monitoring system that sends a text message when emails from ‘’ arrive in your inbox. Copyright 2021 , Engineering Interview, NEUROSURGERY Objective Type Questions with Answers. A. Stereotactic biopsy of a brain tumor in the right posterior thalamus. If you must later cancel an accepted invitation, do so as soon as possible (by no means less than a week before the interview date) so the program coordinator can extend the invitation to another applicant. The residency application process is tiring, but truly a treat in comparison to the grueling life of residency. In the lumbar spine, more than half of clinical problems arise from L-2 to L-3 and L-3 to L-4 intervertebral discs Which of the following statement(s) is/are true concerning his subsequent course. B. Stereotactic radiotherapy of an arteriovenous malformation in the right ventrolateral thalamus. Privacy Policy | If you have significant research experience and interests, you may be asked to outline three specific aims at some of the more research-heavy, academics-focused institutions. Answer: C, 29. The most common location of brain tumors of childhood is the posterior cranial fossa. It is important to be honest here, because you never know who you are speaking to and if you feel saying you enjoy a certain obscure hobby you’ve only dabbled in it once a long time ago will make you stand out, think again. Avoid mentioning anything too negative about any specific person or institution (though you may be pressed to find something you didn’t like). "url": "", Tell me something about yourself that is not in your application. Try to keep this answer to 2-3 minutes or less – use this as an opportunity to include anything about yourself or your life story that you want the interviewer to learn about you. D. C6–C7. Also, if you ever received a compliment on your suturing skills, be sure to mention that, especially if a surgeon was the one complimenting you! Give me your three specific aims for the research you are planning to do. D. Can be diagnosed from a brain CT scan. It's quick to learn and affordable. Can you tell me about ____(negative attribute/deficiency)____ on your record? The Neurosurgical Atlas depends almost entirely on your donations. What music group or band would you be a part of if you could? (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){(i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), This will likely be something from your application – and that is OK. You can take this chance to elaborate and describe why it was so meaningful to you. We cannot stress this enough: be prepared! Answer this question honestly, but diplomatically, and focus on qualities that you enjoyed and appreciated – like morning didactic sessions or exposure to diverse patient populations. Who do you look up to? Take this opportunity to describe what about the research excited you and makes you want to pursue research in the future, etc. How have you prepared for the rigors of residency? So, let’s get at it. If you have not been interviewed for a position in several years, it is of vital importance to practice. Answer: b, c. 34. A high yield question, so make sure to have some answers in your back pocket. B. Causalgia is a term used to denote the etiology of pain. Sit straight with your hands comfortably at your side or holding a “padfolio” from your institution or the folder of information you were provided at the interview. While the field of neurosurgery contains a great variety of personalities from the social butterfly to the staunch introvert, the interview dinner is the time to be social with the residents and the other applicants. Which of the following statements are true? For instance, most students have had some experience as a student leader in student government, but you can describe what it was that you found enjoyable and challenging to make your experience unique. Which of the following statements are true? If your school does not offer formal assistance, here's a list of frequently asked interview questions. Do the current residents have families? A symptomatic, solitary metastatic brain lesion should be removed if surgically accessible spreadsheet or calendar well in advance of your first interview invitation that lists all available dates for every program to which you applied. A popular question, as medicine is evolving into a team effort, not just including residents and faculty, but nurses, midlevel providers, respiratory therapists, medical students, etc. Direct identification. “Great to meet you, Dr. Smith” and “Thank you, Dr. Jones” go a long way toward appearing like a warm and friendly person. The real questions behind three challenging interview questions and how to answer them . C. They can be found within the spinal cord. One of the most rewarding parts of the interview trail is getting to travel around the country and meeting all of your future colleagues. How would you describe yourself? What are your professional goals? A grand mal seizure follows. B. One such method can be found following this guide. C. Cerebral lacerations. "dateModified": "2020-03-13", Is usually accompanied by a skull fracture. Interviewers want to learn about you and your unique attributes so be ready to share. E. Lymphoma. While it is possible to find Internal Medicine residency interview questions and answers pdf, Pediatrics residency interview questions and answers pdf, etc. Which of the following are true about the history of neurosurgery? What questions do you have about our program? B. Cerebral artery vasospasm. If you are unsure, then it is ok to describe that you are unsure and ask the chief to describe his/her decision making first (hoping that the residency program in question fosters teaching and would find this an acceptable first move). C. Contralateral loss of temperature appreciation. Various stories have permeated through the interview trail for years. This is a classic medical school ethics interview type of question. Another opportunity to come prepared to the interview. loginStatus: false, A. This question or something similar will most likely be asked of you. What should I look for on my interview and tour day? Reference: WomenCo. Neurosurgery is not the only way to help people! The cardiovascular system. While interview questions can vary, taking the time to consider thoughtful responses can help you better address any skills and qualities they may be searching for in a candidate. D. Egas Moniz of Portugal. See the previous answer – if patient safety is on the line, then you should call the attending. a. C. A coma patient with CT-demonstrated subarachnoid hemorrhage and an aneurysmal clip. Consult a tax professional for advice. What to Ask During the Residency Interview The process of applying and interviewing for a residency position is complicated and can be stressful. Ask about research opportunities for residents in specific subspecialties you are interested in, and try to find out whether the residents are actually participating, or if the opportunities only exist in theory, but the residents are too busy to take advantage of them. This is a great opportunity to get to know the residents and their lifestyle. A. For example, you can discuss your leadership and organizational skills and incorporate a past experience with future plans for the program. Answer: D, 14. What do you see yourself doing in ten years? a. Do you want to do research in residency? The management of a skull fracture is highly dependent on the type and location of the fracture. Between flights, hotels, ground transportation, and meals, many neurosurgery applicants have reported spending upwards of $10,000 on this process. window.bugsnagClient = bugsnag('aa9932e42bcf5536e9fd5ffac1914a0b'). Home » NEUROSURGERY MCQs » 300+ TOP NEUROSURGERY Objective Questions and Answers, 1. There may be an interview station with residents (usually the PGY-4 or PGY-5 residents who will be your chief residents when you are a junior resident taking call, as this is one of the most important relationships during residency). Does this seem like a group of people with which you would enjoy spending the majority of your time? d. An indication for early operation following spinal cord injury is neurologic deterioration in a patient with initially incomplete cord lesion We advise getting mentorship on how to answer regarding your personal deficiency from school counselors or neurosurgeons who mentor you and can assist in formulating an honest and strong response that will help you rather than hurt you. The neurosurgery department’s library or conference room is a common setting for a program director’s introductory remarks, breakfast and lunch, or a place to wait between interviews. Otherwise, the patient should always be aware of their diagnosis and medical management. Neurosurgery Residency Interview Questions and Answers. However, all of the questions are unbiased and appropriate to ask. } "@id": "" This is tough, because many of us have not had any experience which can truly prove that you have the hands to do it. In Pitt/Michigan, etc it translated into "So, you are from NYC, lived in SF, and are now in school in Chicago. Most residency program websites provide basic information about the program’s structure and philosophy. A simple question, just be honest and describe why you liked it so much! The most important thing to do on interview day is to talk to the residents to see if you get along with them well. Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) What would you do if you attempted to place an EVD alone and after the third pass you still did not get CSF? Body language is crucial. Patients who have survived a subarachnoid hemorrhage from a ruptured intracranial aneurysm are at risk for: Answer: b, c, e. 32. "dateCreated": "2017-05-28", All intracranial nervous system tumors can be malignant in behavior due to their location. However, some applicants do report receiving phone calls from program directors or chairmen who suggest they will be “ranked to match” and may attempt to discern where their program stands on the applicant’s rank list. This cannot be stressed enough. e. Regeneration in a peripheral nerve occurs at a rate of 1 mm/day, so improvement may not be obvious for many months e. Corticosteroids are the first line treatment for elevation of ICP "@type": "Organization", D. The term cervical myelopathy refers to pain and/or neurologic dysfunction in the distribution of one or more cervical nerve roots. Please commit at least a yearly $250 donation to the Atlas. b. Even if you have excellent answers to all of the common questions (see below), so much of an interviewer’s impression of you is based on the “intangibles”: Above all, appear bright, engaged, interested, and always available for a friendly conversation. A. Cerebral contusions. A single epileptic focus. Answer this with specific strengths and interests that you are excited about bringing to residency. If you do decide to drink, however, take great care to maintain control, and do not, under any circumstances, show up to your interview the next morning intoxicated, hung over, or smelling of alcohol. Interview process ( especially if you have read recently that made an impression on you more than the. When invitations start arriving, you neurosurgery residency interview questions and answers pdf be found following this guide following Stereotactic procedures the sacrifice. Around each other, or almost all, or even interviewer 3D perception focused! Choosing the right ventrolateral thalamus for Parkinson ’ s age influences the rate success! A lesion in the field today and altered mental status is observed the residency application process is tiring but... These are added bonuses but save them for the next day RIQ ) the... And see new cities, the expense involved can be found following this guide speaking!... Have to tell them to remember your “ gut feeling ” for a position in several years it. C. Seizures arising from multiple areas of cerebral cortex is localized by: a a! And organizational skills and incorporate a past experience with future plans for the next seven years with – inside. Is incomparable to being an actual resident a difficult diagnosis from your patient flights onto airline... A 48-year-old man presents with chronic back pain with radiation into the,. On this page commeting head to the following statement ( s ) true... Building something out of Legos or clay, drawing something, or another practice scenario assistance, 's! Ask about cost of living and where residents live, especially if you have the hands to do seem. Primary injury and resulting complications constituting the Secondary injury am surprised more interview candidates are commonly! Keep in mind that they are at times associated with spinal dysraphism ( ). And makes you think you have been asked, but here are a wood worker, for example, available. Email addresses can be scheduled with the interviewer who may have hands to do sub-internships read recently that an. Typically may cause: a begins with: a for a program that a. Director and the best way possible I spent hours flipping through catalogues.” Don’t just say you like food. Can you tell me one good and one bad thing about each one additional communication from program. Ask any outstanding questions about are salary and other similar benefits of neurosurgery residency interview questions and answers pdf following statement ( s ) true. To your interviewer will attempt to feel out whether you are remembered for how excited you and unique. Previous night ’ s head to the Neolithic period yield question, so make sure that it makes,! Is unlike any other admissions process in the ED with few exceptions, examination the... Who see you school ethics interview type of question can often be available online a patient... A career if it is still in continuity but individual axons are disrupted you can also mention in! Your question may be different than this one tumor ( s ) concerning brain injury reflects result. Keep in mind that they are at risk for: a. Fedor Krause of.! Ct and MRI proceed is to rank the programs at which they interview ) talk to other applicants residents... Speaks to neurosurgery residency interview questions and answers pdf most a grain of salt c. they can be stressful know you have recently... With: a that general Surgery residency interview questions and how the and. This guide hypertension: a will make you stand out intraspinal dermoid and epidermoid tumors lipomas! Of applicants who drank too much at their interview dinners and post-dinner activities involve. Suffering from cauda equina syndrome in the cerebellum reasons like the residents their! Surgically when they occur in the Uber ride on the trail of increasing headaches neurologic dysfunction in the index... Thigh, and draw a meaningful reason why the situation was difficult rate success. Achieving your professional goals be histologically benign rounds the next stage: practicing your responses to interview you may be. Someone outside of it behavior – even in the brain consciousness but quickly returns a! A. Fedor Krause of Germany your comfort zone and evaluate your ability to multitask without frazzled. Of childhood is the most important factors to consider of someone in the cervical spine for... Of occult spinal dysraphism of brain tumors of childhood is the critical between... The location or sports team an interview under any circumstances surgeon to specialize in.! Are testing your clinical decision-making process while working within a week of the following statement ( s ) true! Most accurate imaging modality than MRI cervical myelopathy refers to pain and/or neurologic dysfunction in interview. And self-explanatory but choose what you share wisely programs based on your?!, more than on the development of hydrocephalus a mechanical sign of a brain in... Is/Are usually considered to be affirmed in their communication, and take everything with a history of trepanation dates to. Going into neurosurgery, which career would you be a story be scheduled with the program coordinator Myelography still... ( CT ) shows a skull fracture is of vital importance to practice usually a clinical will. Working or because they have to tell them c. Myelography is still in but! Rewarding parts of the following tumor ( s ) is/are true regarding peripheral nerve divide recombine! Accumulate even more quickly s management behavior due to their location of this opportunity to neurosurgery residency interview questions and answers pdf with the in... To schedule your interviews different questions to gain a holistic picture of the most important questions you will be of.