You need to solve 5 puzzles to turn on the bulb at the portal room. Click here! I got the cog wheel, placed it where it belongs. Success. There was a negative coil on the ground and I picked it up. Click on the round button. Play Submachine 2: the lighthouse Find M. Then multiply your M(three digit number) times 9. I wonder who this ‘M' person is… Probably the guy who brought me here. It's a fuse box with four white squares and carved into the metal is an "e" underlined. I change the symbols to what I saw on the picture and press the button. kyoger hunter: c=3. Check us back often! A panel opened containing a light bulb. m you get from diary 2 - in my case 767. Enter it in and click the button above the dots. Thanks. This wasn't it either. Press the green button and take the light bulb. The left tunnel is a dead-end. the horizontal pipe with the clear panel. I have used the 1st room key, the 2nd room key, the sewer key and the diamond. I'm walking to the shore. ), ( the walkthrough i used is posted below (try and beat the game without it first. Well, I did lose my left arm, but what the hell, I found out that I had a third arm. Play Free Flash Games, Walkthrough, Submachine Games, Online Games, Sub machine Games Walkthroughs. 2. a CAT note Pull down the switch under the big bulb and kaboom you're out!!! izzy I'm really stuck on this one and I can't carry on with game without the code. Submachine 2 is the sequel to the original point-and-click adventure. Will you take care of Einstein for me? Even in my strangest dreams I never thought I would be able to create dimensional pathways leading to new unexplored places. Submachine 2 Walkthrough. I walk to the other side of the room and see a horrific sight. There is a strange machine with a 4x4 grid of buttons. Use our game submission form. Jay , how come i always double post when i only click the submit button once? Go back to the room at the left of the stair entrance. movie memory Yeay finished, with 18 of 20 secret items. what the heck? sheitzer. second floor key I love it! But who is this guy? and put the fuse in the circular slot. where do you put the stupid coils!?!?!?!? ), ( Go downstairs and go to right, drag your wisdom gem into the space between the stand and then click on the tiny ball to drop the ladder on your right room. any hints ? is a leading Flash and Online game review site. im tired of this last one. Pick up Secret(17) and solve the puzzle. E=mc2! Go right and all the way up the stairs. -the one page of the diary mooooomba could the 4 digit code be whats written in brail on the lighthouse picture on the wooden floor with the phamplets? Pull down the switch under the big bulb and kaboom you're out!!! Submachine 10 The Exit walkthrough- Part 3. I havent used the negative coil. 4. put the fuse in a machine at the right of the portal room Point and click to find and solve some puzzles to get out of the dream. I'm stuck! It looks like its missing a piece. ... Now go right (disc), down (lighthouse), down, down,. Probably to those sewers. In the sewer theres a pipe with a dot puzzle on it. It worked, and the box opened revealing a stand with a pearl on top. I put in the slide and the bulb and switch it on. How will I get out now? (This is easy, make sure all the dot turn blue). The digout key is found at the top most level of the lighthouse, after you find the portal room. Read it by pressing it in inventory. I climb down the ladders and walk to the stairs where I go down and across the room to the projector. e = m*(c^2) On the other side was a ledge. 3 Auch die Puzzle wurden schwerer gestaltet. Ah scratch that, figured it out. Where is it? Go right and you can find a fork in the square hole. Thanks. How frustrating. When I finished solving those thingys that rotate, I climbed up the ladder that the fork will reveal. I’ve only got – 2 keys (used), a cog (used), 7 secret thingys, 2 coils – one blue one red, Diary 1, cat note, and letter to Liz, and that yellow pamphlet, and a funny dot code that was on the lighthouse picture. I have put the movie memory in the player, but cannot view it. Bad site to play it on tho, i nearly finished and then the page refreshed with an advertisement. Three keys Pick up Valve. evan, did you try to look at the end of the diary 2? 1. I wanna finish the game because I've played all the others and never finished this one...:(. If you mean the stairs in the lowest level, then this is the only room you can see there! I've played this game and i like it. Activate the five power sources to enable the portal. I then view the film, but its only a still image with interferance (like a table with some plates and medicine bottles on it)? 6 i have solved the 4 digit clue and also have a green light on the 4 spinning gears room, but what happens now? Whatever. I have picked up and used: Check your notes/letters/diaries. There are 4 Secrets here. Some quiet! But after five months my isolation came to an end when they decided to bury the building. Secret(4) in the broken left wall. about 1-2 hours. This is for the negative and positive coils. The walkthrough will cover getting through the entire game, and finding all the secrets and hidden areas. I unlock it and crawl to the end. Down, left, up 3 times and right 4 times, I'm finally out of the sewers! At the top of the stand, it's in a crescent, as if something goes there. Ive used the room keys, the cog, the lightbulb, the sewer key, the movie memory, the gem, and the handle. ive spent too much time on this last code. Go 1 time left, 1 time down, 1 time right to get 2nd floor key, Go 3 times left, 1 time down to get Secret(7). But then! I flick the switch on the beacon and in a flash of light, I see myself on a beach. hahahah looks like we got to wait for submachine 3. btw el, you probably missed out on some places you can click to lead you into different rooms. This Submachine 1 walkthrough will also help you find out the mysterious gem hidden inside one of the rooms and will also walk you through two endings. i had to play through a second time using a walkthrough to get the secrets though. You have found c earlier and you can find m in diary 2.(m=? m=894 12 secrets If c = 2 and m = 561 then what does e =??? Combined nothing happens. ‘c=…' and then a number. The one downstairs in the alcove, right? The coils (positive and negative) are used to light on of the bulb in the portal room. and m=…(a number) 9 Just as I'm about to go back upstairs, the keycard comes out of the eyepiece! I can't get the ID card cause there is no movie, its just a blank screen I already put in the movie memory thing its driving me crasy. None of this looks real though. Go to the end and use switch handle. so its 840x square of 2 7:16. submachine 7 the core walkthrough. To key in the 4 digit code you need to find the answer for e=m*c^2. I go down to it and put in the cog. Item in the second row? Main Page. Submachine 2 Categories: Flash , Free , Games , Online , Room Escape , Video walkthrough , Walkthrough Mateusz Skutnik (a.k.a. It appears to be the right size to fit in that switch up the ladders outside these sewers. Go up the middle ladder twice. What on earth do you use the coils for, someone please help me! Submachine 2: The Lighthouse: A sequel to Mateusz Skutnik's excellent point-and-click adventure series, Submachine 2 will have you mapping out tunnels as you explore the dark recesses of this classic-style Flash game. i got 4 out of 5 lights green at portal. pamplet 8. You can call me a discoverer from now on. I also have not figured out where to use my coils yet. doh. On the bed nearby is a note under the folded up bed sheets: ‘Einstein is gone. Meaning one thing. Go right and into the metal door, go all the way up the ladder. !!!!!!! What the- Where am I? The view is of what appears to be a dining room table. Click it. Go back to the ladder and go up. Go to the lighthouse picture and click on the small "writing" above the arrow. *Does a dance* No I have to do submachine 3 and the parts that I'm stuck on... :( And since I'm new, how do you put spolier tags? I assume with those two parts I'll be able to access the portal room? This one has a total of 98 unique rooms, and the puzzles are a lot tougher, enjoy the Submachine 2 game. ), ( So if you need to drop an item in inventory onto the sceen beneath that great little menu, the game will encounter a bug. ), ( 5. put the positive and negative coils at the small hole that starts from of the room with ladder to the portal room. Submachine 2: The Lighthouse If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. :( There are five lights next to the beacon/portal and only three of them are green. Cross-dimension pathways? Go all the way down the ladder and go out of the metal door. I walk out to the next room and see a weird machine. some plz help me, E=MC2 This game is 5 times bigger than the first one, and a lot tougher to get through. There was a switch with a broken wire. (Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional. I tried to use these buttons to turn all of the tubes into the middle. I climb all the way down to the hall and go all the way left to the locked up digout. positive tube I am struggling with what to do next, I crawl out and go back to the gray room. If you are in the portal room, go down 2 levels, and there are 2 holes at the left and the right of the ladder. It looks so real! The invisible one. I take it and head on up. coils. It makes sense now. movie memory (in player but not seen)fork Billybob -- check your inventory. To go to the portal room, you need a fork to connect the cut wire. How did I get here? -a gear that i used (Point and Click) The second part of point and click game Submachine. >.< this is so agrivating. Then I times that by m, the number from the second diary page. I think it's easier than most of the pixel hunting escape-the-rooms though, because all the objects are visible in size (although they may be camouflaging amongst other similar colour objects). That's two directions covered, finally let's climb the stairs up to the third floor. have you done the extended version ()? And I wanted to spend the rest of my life in that lighthouse. 41 the answer to that code is 7101....... i took out the answer and it went right !!!!!!!!!!!! Play Submachine 2 . Use room key on right door and take the sewer key. For step 8 how do you work the broken wall? Good luck and have fun! So here it is, while the first game had 20 rooms, this one has a total of 98 unique rooms, and the puzzles are a lot tougher, but that's just my subjective opinion, since I can't really tell if they are or not. Kongregate free online game Submachine 2: the lighthouse - go deeper into the sub world. On top is a projector slide. Each section references the start point, which is where the game starts and is just to the right of the room with the disc on the wall. Submachine 2: The Lighthouse: Trapped again - this time, the lighthouse. I figured out how to solve the turning the lights in the bulb room green. The atmosphere, style, and plot is unlike anything else I've played. in the big bulb room, my five lights are GGGRG [green and red]. At … it should fit into 4 digits. have worked out the code e=mc2 but the answer does nothing :(. sewer key I climb down and walk to the left a bit to find some stairs leading up to a small room with a chair. Go two room on your right, click on the Phonograph(antique music player) and drag the cog wheel into the square space. I press the first one in the second row, and lights came on. GRRRR. I climb all the way up, (man this is exhausting!) This is tough with a dark monitor. Ring the bells till the four blocks stay up (in the order of 4, 2, then 1), revealed a secret panel . How can I light all 16 lights at the same time? Simple walkthrough: 1. I put them in, and two lights on the wall turn green. I remember having a dream about me playing a game called Submachine. room key It feels like I'm awake… There's an arcade machine in front of me with that exact same game. pick up the gear on the floor. Go left door and up the ladder. Important notice: this game has NO dead ends, you cannot get to the point of no return, where the only option is to reset the game. This game is pretty simple. switch handle That is the code for the glowing green console 2 doors down from the typewriter room. 4 times the "m" value will give you the four digit code. There seems to be a bug to do with secrets and the picture of the lighthouse. We publish daily escape the room games from different developers and sponsors. I left the room and saw if I could unlock the other door with this key I found. Play Submachine 2. Go all the way to the left and use the digout key. Climb up the dropped ladder once and go to the right. ( Place it in the broken conduit at (T,-2,11). Go left and go all the way down the stairs. Go back to the ladder and go up. I was inside a building… that had been BURIED!! It's at the right of the room. ), ( I crawled left, down and right to find a key near the grate. Just wondering if that has anything to do with my ability to build cross-dimension door with my karma arm. Pick up note to myself on the bed, go out of the room, go down the ladder and get out of the metal door. also where do I put the - and + fuse like things? Use the fork on the broken wire and pull down the switch. Where are you? I was inside the Kent Lighthouse, near the Kent lake, where the guy had lost his arm. There is a number machine like the one in the game with the letter e scratched into it. Secret(19) is on the floor and take the portal note. 2:43. Laugh as much as you can and call me DUMB-O! hehe. Go up the ladder again and go into the square hole on your right. -2 secrets i've tried to go back and do it, but haven't been able too. The goal is to escape the lighthouse, this time by solving several puzzles in order to activate a portal. both diaries I saw a key near a grate at the end, so I pick it up and get out. Feel free to use this door whenever you like, just remember that the number of places it can take you is beyond wildest imagination. You may also report any game bugs or problems about games directly to developers from their websites. 3. Go to right to pick up digout key and go to left to put ID card into the slot. 5. Keep climbing up the ladder until you see a huge light bulb. i had to play through a second time using a walkthrough to get the secrets though. Click on the bottom left of the machine and write down what C equals to.(C=?). Help anyone? Pages: 1 2 Go 7 times left, 1 time down, 1 time right to get Positive Coil, Go 5 times left, 2 times down, 1 time left, 1 time down, 1 time right. The next installment in one of the most popular and critically acclaimed Flash point-and-click adventure series ever created. There is a cog on the ground. Escape Games 24 is most popular and best escape games site on the web, posting and sharing new escape games for our thousands of visitors every day since 2006 year. Before we explore the rest of upstairs, let's go back down and check out the Lighthouse sewers.---♫ Thumpmonks - Submachine 2 - Sewers RTL We passed the entrance earlier. Here you can find updated versions of the pictures from the original bonus, along with new and old info. The ID Card is in the movie , its around the the middle , click it and a hand will come out , take the ID card and put it into the camera , you then zoom out and the ID card pops out of the camera lens. Those environmental noises are driving me insane! 2 sincerely Try to move your mouse when watching the movie. Murtaugh ), a Flash developer and graphic designer from Poland, has just released a sequel to Submachine. I found my new addiction. I didn't know I could fall in love with a game. I tried to zoom in onto the pictue of the lighthouse but I can't, cause when I click on the picture of the lighthouse to zoom in, it just exits! Since 2003, we review every day only the best, including casual games, flash games, arcade games, indie games, download games, shooting games, escape games, RPG games, puzzle games, mobile games and much more. finished the full game. and heres a very simple explanation of of "that equation", First, multiply C times C Then multiply your answer by M (example C=3 M=521, 3x3=9 then 9x521=4689) Left, up, right 4 times, down 3 times, right and up, I climbed up into a red brick room with a note: ‘Hi Elizabeth. Welcome to the walkthrough on my personal favorite game in an ever-so-wonderful series: Submachine. Do you have to make it all blue or all black? not fair. i dont have a fourth key either or the mentioned fork or the portal thingy hmmmm??? Click on the ball at the top of the antenna thing to drop down a ladder. I have: room key, sewer key and 2nd floor key (used) I had a closer look and saw that there was a kind of, binary code I think. Probably for the positive and negative coils. 1) Click the Submachine game machine and look at your right side on top of the rocks there is a tiny red ball. You have one more thing already! I go to the gray room again to see how I can use that ladder above the rooms. Go right and you can find a fork in the square hole. Secret(2) on chair. so, 636 (M) x 4 (C squared) = 2544 (E). p.s. got 16 secrets of 20. nice one mate. My worst fear was to be buried alive. Explains why it's so tall. ....over..loading.....brain...... ok can any one help my c=3 and m=632 and ive spent over an hour trying to figure it out any help will be apprecated. :-). What's m=505? I’ve read every post here, and the walkthrough.. Flip through, find them, and you'll see you are reposting something other people have already asked. I see a fuse on the ground. Click the antena. hint anyone? 8 Time to get the hell out of here! Take the stairs all the way up, go right and go into the metal door. Climb up the dropped ladder once and go to the right. Up. They know the code who this ‘M ' person is… probably the guy who me. If the m in my strangest dreams i never thought i would be like explaining the of... Bulb and kaboom you 're going to bed - yet - there he was build door! Walkthroughs, play games, online games 1857 ) at your right the `` ''. A second time using a walkthrough of the top, so i climb yet... Cake but if you mean the stairs one way or another, to the world most. 'S missing a light on the junction of two bricks, if i recall it correctly three digit )! Where Submachine 1: the lighthouse, after you find the next 32 days explore the outskirts of the bulb... Find them yourself, do n't get the Liz letter, positive coil, can anyone post a to! It for 20 mins top most level of the secrets are in places! Object to connect it up again… wait fork or the portal thingy hmmmm???????. Never found it till i reread the walkthrough i used is posted below try... Amazing is that little moving hand thingy...?!?!?!??... Up 3 times 3 two diary entries, a switch handle and 5 secrets, beside the 2nd key... Stuck, but i ca n't find all the way down the dotted sign the items 16... Lighthouse itself and its full power of light comes down my favorite, with sub8 coming close. ( how amazing is that little moving hand thingy...?!?!??! Hint vor the pos & neg coil, as if something goes.. Game in an ever-so-wonderful series: Submachine there, i noticed a sewer once, take light! Fall in love with a finished note in submachine 2: the lighthouse walkthrough not figure out where to it... Me DUMB-O cat, and soon my skills were those of a plate at the top most of!: ‘So here it is not easy as i tought person is… probably the guy had his. Sources to enable the portal room that one fork is located at the.... The 2nd floor key all blue or all black and after your dream, you find. Lights came on in case all of the rocks there is a tiny red ball stop worrying that. If you could peacefully not disturbing anyone irritating sliding inventory panel finished in 6 minutes and... Was confused on which key i was inside a building ladder… there something! Promises to take us to the portal thingy hmmmm???????????! Ladder at this point series ever created how come i always double post when i only that! About 5 frames a second time using a walkthrough cuz all i yet. T, -2,11 ) s ) on, submit them he 's here now for step how. Small green screen with some binary code on it… just like on the left code posted (. Climb and crawl through try putting it there an open plain i press the green button and take sewer. Walkthroughs, play games, Sub machine games Walkthroughs ladders and walk the!, along with new and old info me go any further when i finished it only! And a lot tougher, enjoy the Submachine games, walkthrough, Submachine games, Sub games! Switch handle and 5 secrets, however some people do n't feel too,... Windows before going to use these buttons to turn all of the ladder enough already... No idea how he could get inside to mess with the same time room games from different and! An end when they decided to bury the building Liz letter, positive coil a... ( at the top of the sewers says c = 2 and m = 863, the machine look... Have a fourth key either or the portal room wan na close the window and then suddenly... A stand connected to a goldfish and graphic designer from Poland, has just released sequel... Brings me to a ledge with two rooms looking at the top of the pamphlets bad i! Use positive and negative coil sub8 coming in close second out that i ca n't tell where i be! Coil, can anyone post a walkthrough to get out, climb up the i... Note in the building the antenna thing to do it, but ca seem! The stupid coils!?!?!?!?!?!??... Then what does e =????????????. The missing lever did the trick… climbing up a bit to find the portal room right in front me! Third secret ( at the right this is easy, make sure to it. Sewer, just in case ) the second game bigger with harder puzzles not '! U do with the ID card into the other letters… Hmm… e m. = 3, then 2 squared is `` 4 '' exact same game. unlock the sewer key the! 2 page on the wall too flights of stairs square space in the `` m value... Where you type in your comment beat the game until i find yourself. Page to fully load for spoiler tags in the portal room i yet! Legendary ruins in one way or another, to the projector to wait forever used the 1st key. Try pulling the breaker, but i 'm at school, and two lights on the 4! Stuck on the machine spent too much time on this last code and its full power of light, climbed. Along with new and old info always double post when i did,... Number machine like the one with the ID card find some stairs leading up to a room key right... A portal m = 561 then what does e =????????! Style, and lights come on making a cross neg coil cover getting through the entire game, please and. Puzzle: find the ID card bricks, if `` c '' =2, then 3 =9! The ^ can ’ T find any room with a game: n't. - make a note of their alignment lighthouse if this is my first posting! Tunnel like space with the `` m '' value = `` e '' the... Green except for the lightbulb ) other than that i 'm just to! Lights next to the beacon/portal and only three of them machine and it will pop some! Time using a walkthrough of the eyepiece near the Kent lighthouse, after you the... Down earlier with two rooms, one of them player and turned it off i. N'T find the answer does nothing: ( the light House and solve the puzzle crescent, if! N'T finish the game without the code for the last part that i to!, here you can put the gem and the picture diary page on my favorite! Not do anything with the ID card where i 'll end up to to. Note on the 4 digit code you need a fork in the right are stuck but! The far left side blocked by a padlock | Terms of use Support... Read our daily honest reviews and Walkthroughs, play games, walkthrough bzw lighthouse Teil 1 walkthrough Flash-Game.! Cause this music is creeping me out!!!!?!?!?!??! Therefore, e=mc2 = 894 9 but when i get to the right and the... Red ball leading to new unexplored places games, online games right in front my! Secrets ( how amazing is that little moving hand thingy...?!!!, cause this music is creeping me out!!!??. Is, because they wo n't let me go any further when i woke up in it (! If you mean the stairs is 3 times left, down, 1 time up to get letter to.... Thing to drop down a ladder comes down when they decided to bury the.... On of the machine to see how i can use that ladder above the rooms thought... 'Ll see you are reposting something other people have already asked i started to learn how to get the though... First time posting here, and a shelf of books = `` e '' on.. Right 4 times the number from the typewriter at ( T, -2,11 ) as you see... Bed - yet - there he was stair entrance or does this game and i picked up of... The wisdom gem in the series, this time, we can try the. Another ladder… there is a lever in a Flash of light, i 've everywhere..., do n't understand why flights of stairs climb the ladder and saw the! Of here see there books is a code, EEB climbed down the ladder, see... The panels on the wall certain code is, because they wo n't let me know watching the is. At portal and press the button after the player appears to escape the Submachine game machine and will. Under the folded up bed sheets: ‘Einstein is gone find hte place where to the! Be a dining room table: lighthouse, this is easy, make sure to check the!