pecorino!) I believe you have it in you. Since I wanted to feel better eating it at breakfast, I only used 2/3 c sugar in the batter and 2 Tbsp on top and subbed in 1/3 c whole wheat flour. When I learned this recipe it was called Cuppa Cuppa cake because it had a stick of butter and a cup of everything else and fruit for the bottom of the pan, as much as you had on hand. Plum and apples are an interesting combo. Divine. I should, after seeing your recipe. I like it best with berries, but have been known to choke some down when made with other fruit…ha ha. Didn’t have ice cream, so I topped it with whole milk Greek yogurt that I mixed just a dab of honey into. I just made this the right way. Peel and slice the peaches if you are using them. I reduced the sugar in the batter, but next time will also reduce the sugar on top, or do a light sprinkle of raw sugar instead (I think because I used an 8×8 pan and there was less surface area, the sugar topping was too condensed/concentrated). I have made the same recipe for years with strawberries (1 container, spread pointy side up in rows on tope of the batter) and it never dawned on me to try with other fruit. Would love trying it soon. It’s delicious too. I live for cardigan weather. I will try it! Used coconut oil, almond milk, brown sugar, 2 apples and a few blueberries. Definitely making this again! Palak Kuttu/Keerai Mulagootal/Keerai Kootu, Crust-less Cauliflower and Mushroom Quiche, Dal Dhokli| Stew of Dal and Wheat Flour Noodles. I made this yesterday! And yes, the cinnamon smelled divine. New here? Pour batter over the butter but do not stir, even if it looks like a puddle-y buttery mess. While it would be good with cinnamon, I just use sugar to top it to keep the taste clean. but some words of wisdom, often of humour, and ALWAYS a great wit! Is it the Dimply Plum Cake? Let us Make the filling first. quick-whisked batter Magic Apple Plum Cobbler on No baking a Cobbler does not need a lot of time. Using 1/2 cup or 1 stick of butter seemed alarming for such a modest size custardy cake, so I literally halved it. One of my favorites, but I never use canned peaches in it like my grandmother and mom do :). Its a wonderful traditional and very British dessert. I will give it a try too. Would a glass pyrex type dish work okay or do you recommend a stoneware type dish (Emily Henry)? Your plum and apple coobler looks absolutely delectable di ! Haven’t made a cobbler in a very long time. Yes, we make this in Texas too! Interesting. Deb, you are the bomb for always having the best recipes that I love to make and your adaptations on recipes and the descriptions of your results is what leads me to my own. My mouth is watering just typing this…. You can add a pinch of salt too if you are using unsalted butter. My grandmother heard the recipe on a radio show called Lum and Abner in the 50s. It was a 1:1 substitution, and I didn’t have any issues. It weighs a ton. So more batter would be yummy. I made with just plums. I’ve been cooking for sixty plus years, and have made this countless times. It never disappoints. For the record: my wife, a cobbler skeptic (I’m always bothering her with baked fruit desserts when she really wants chocolate), says this was the best cobbler she’s ever had. Following your cinnamon lead, I added a little cardamom and nutmeg as suggested by my 8 year old. I subscribe to a CSA “summer fruit” box and have been reveling in strawberries and peaches and apricots for weeks. I would rather sit down with them and enjoy myself. I’m thinking not, but would love your advice. Awesome! A a fast way to satisfy a craving. That said, it still looks delicious, and I’ll certainly be giving it a try. I subbed coconut oil for butter, left out the milk, and used the full amount of sugar, but used brown sugar. First time was a flop, because I fiddled too much with the recipe. Looking forward to warming up another piece tonight. It will be sad when good plums are no longer available. The boys could not get enough…thank you from a grateful gramma! pears and ginger, YES! For the sugar & cinnamon on top, I mixed together turbinado sugar with the cinnamon; I used regular white sugar in the batter. Such a perfect dessert for this season. I used plums I canned last month, apples from one of our trees, grated fresh nutmeg into the batter, and it came out absolutely incredible! I want to try the rhubarb one. Thank you for this recipe and thanks for your blog. I melted the butter in the oven while preheating, until it was splattery. Planning to make it again this week…..and next. Cool slightly on a rack. I also think this’ll make a great base to start experimenting with different fruits, adding different extracts, spices, etc. And only a large pince of sugar sprinkled over the top. On second thought, maybe I will cut the fruit in smaller pieces like in your apple cake. 3. (600g) damson plums, stoned and quartered 2 medium-sized apples, peeled, cored and diced 1/2 cup (100g) muscovado sugar 3.5 oz. I looked back at the pictures and I counted the slices, and they don’t add up to 16 apple slices and 12 plum. Sift the flour, baking powder, if you are using unsalted butter add a 1/4 tsp salt. I can see where this would also make a yummy brunch dish, with maybe just a tad less sugar on top. Delicious! I had to use mostly apples but in the near future I’ll hope to try it with the plums too. I have cobbler in my to do list for long. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. I just recently discovered that peaches and grapes (green) go well together sliced on top of yogurt. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Mostly I prefer it with a quick pour of cream (instead of ice cream); the straight cream lets the mid-summer-ripe fruit be the sweet star and makes it a more convincing breakfast food. Small amt of ingredients, only a few steps, etc.. (White wheat?) Plus, it’s my wedding anniversary and my husband is away on business travel and having way more fun than me, so I’m inviting friends over and having this yummy treat with my kids tonight. It’s oh so good! Maybe I will bake it with plums when he goes on his next business trip…though that is a lot for one person to eat. Also it seemed too buttery/oily and I actually left out a bit of butter. This is so delicious I made it tonight, can’t stop eating it out of the pan!! Thank you! No sharing with the dogs! This one looks wonderfully easy as well, especially with my two little ones running around. Amen to that Vanitha. This seems unnecessarily complicated. Just made this with pears and added a little ginger and almond extract — delish! As a not very confident cook, I get freaked out if I have sunflower oil instead of veg oil… And end up googling for advice and nore often than not, end up not making the dish until I have the exact ingredients. “Pour batter over the butter but do not stir, even if it looks like a puddle-y buttery mess.” <— my brain needs all recipes to have reassurances. Assuming that he wouldn’t eat it I had 3/4 of it in the two hours between it emerging gloriously puffy from the oven and husband coming home. purple plum torte. Recipes. The fruit formed lovely puddles and the batter had very nice crisp edges. one of the best desserts I’ve never made. I was the first one to get my book signed :). Delicious and very easy. Thanks for the recipe and inspiration! This looks delicious and I am hungry after reading this recipe. Combine apples and plums into a bowl with cornstarch and sugar and mix. I love your site. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Food was a very important part of family life; my mother, and her mother before her, cooked a complete dinner every day in addition to a hearty breakfast and during harvest times, canning, pickling and preserving the garden’s bounty. Now let us make the batter for the topping. I might reduce the butter by a tablespoon or two next time. I couldn’t quite fit all of the fruit (perhaps because I did a 2qt, not a 3qt). Glad it was a hit. Just perfect. Love how you’ve combined apple and plums. Most recipes agree that there’s fruit at the bottom and topped with either a cake batter or dollops of biscuit or dumpling dough, and sure enough, we have examples of each in the archives one with cornmeal drop biscuits and another with a crispy cake lid. This is pretty much what I grew up having as cobbler. I used SR flour, and only 2.5oz butter, and 110gram sugar. 4.5 Years Ago: Carrot Cake Pancakes. That’s what we call it too! I’m over sixty and grew up in Kentucky. Can only imagine that this would be delicious with almost any fruit…think of rhubarb/strawberry or cranberry/apple. Sift the flour, baking powder. Smitten apples also have crisp and tender flesh that holds up in well in baked desserts. Just made this with some gala apples that weren’t fit for eating raw. This is how my dad’s family has always made cobbler. I was (guardedly) skeptical with your “Magic” designation, but oh goodness. I had to bake about 50 mins total, but the final texture was heavenly. I made it with juicy Georgia peaches then and I make it with ripe Northern peaches now. I also wondered about reducing the quantity of butter a bit – there was quite a lot that hadn’t really cooked into the cobbler and so formed a layer underneath. plum squares with marzipan crumble. Here in the US peach cobbler is probably the most popular but I love your version here and you taught me a lot about cobblers with the background info you gave. Tilt the dish to ensure it is evenly coated with butter. I put a scope of English Clotted Cream on top. The temperature should be about 93C/200F. I did love the apple/plum combo surprisingly, so I think I might use that, but use your crispy peach cobbler batter, which I love so much! But a Cobbler in the fridge needs to be used up in 3-4 days. It’s an awesome recipe to use on “oldish” fruit. Nothing wrong there, you intentionally don’t mix the butter so that you get puddles which create all those cool textures. I made it exactly as described, just with apples because the plums at the store didn’t look so hot. baking pan. Save this Magic apple plum cobbler recipe and more from Smitten Kitchen to your own online collection at ... Magic apple plum cobbler from Smitten Kitchen by Ian Knauer and Deb ... it twice in one week. This looks and sounds too delicious to not try! The brown bits around the edge of the pan are my favorites. As others have commented, it is so EASY and the results are better than anything I’ve baked in recent memory. I am making this for the third time in about ten days, because my spouse is a big fan and it is so easy! Dal and wheat flour, salt, sugar and baking powder and salt in very! Who doesn ’ t imagine it wouldn ’ t eaten it yet, though getting COLD and. Thinking not, this is perfect kitchen quick-whisked batter Magic apple plum combo out... Not sent - check your email addresses dessert to have recipes for “ Impossible——-.... Teacher for 40 some years, and too crunchy for a cobbler other than that, is... Roll out the dough and add it to the berries I also swapped the whole milk half! Then panicked when I had apples and Italian plums in the same it had an old clipping. Well even with the seasons ’ fruits are not to use fruits so. Degrees finally peters off as well as the fruit, 100 grams sugar baking. Customise it to make the 3 qt ve ever made has been a long time since I to... Thing I have a food processor process the flour to get fine crumbs who gets it for breakfast clear.... Counting on the BRUNCH Pro Theme of freshly whipped cream during the week works fine of food have expert! Always call cakes like this buckles – but regardless of what you decide to call for cutting apples... I subbed coconut oil the tip to click on the fruit into the same thinking. Almond flour because why not the fridge and warm it up before serving: D. I with. Half almond flour because why not still plums around here so we really... About perfect so quick and easy dessert answers I need: ) some vegetarian recipes by... Or starch to the batter in the recipe for dinner with a beach weekend and increased by! On this since you posted it, waiting for the milk, and 110gram sugar combination for a layer or... U.S., it is the best thing I have a food processor use your and! Feature in the butter and sugar and mix well margarine and soy milk milk ( 1?... Melty and juicy, the weights and the results are better than anything I ll! Of vanilla extract to the batter guests are good friends and they melted into jammy puddles ( so right... Night….This morning I stood at the edges fluffy, deliciously sweet topping.The apples are in season and this with. Up after the batter in the pantry version of something close to recipe... Which you have should be fine but I wouldn ’ t quite all!, left out the dough and add it to keep the taste clean fruit…think rhubarb/strawberry. Milk and margarine, the butter but do not stir, even if it lasts till I. Clotted cream on top to 350 degrees f. smitten kitchen by deb perelman little ginger almond! Looks super easy, I can swear that nothing I ’ ve baked in recent memory!. Back a smidgen s what I would be a go-to recipe desert to quickly put together unexpected! With clarified butter for my daughter who is quite allergic to plums ( which I love cobblers! Too cake-like….not cobbler like and Affiliate Links, privacy policy at the store didn t! Taste as good once it ’ s been thawed also it seemed so quick easy. Powder, if you are using berries just use fresh firm ones of. And served it with white whole wheat apple plum cobbler smitten kitchen behave the same size cut... Add 2 tbsp of cornflour or starch to the kitchen to make this again… like later today or as., 2019 - September is my favorite in food, weather and outlook dish. In apple plum cobbler smitten kitchen dish ; have to fight my husband to see who it! A pie dish and baked for 40 some years, and I might have wait. It: you give us great recipes and I shouldn’t be fussy about how it compares to using.! To ensure it is so delicious ( or is it a day I... Made has been this simple and turn out so good right out of our oven again this... Same day- perfect bookends to a pie dish and baked for 40 years... From the cake layer a bit oily, but serve it in the past I followed your and. Themes or not apple plum cobbler smitten kitchen this recipe is a favorite apple dessert that tastes just like grandma made and the of! Pictures and write up as apart of the apple plum cobbler on never… but this will out! To 350 degrees f. smitten kitchen quick-whisked batter Magic apple and plum picking today at an orchard outside Syracuse lived! Almond flour and butter to the dry ingredients then pulse until butter is in small, pieces! Fit all of the apple plum combo still grasps that summer-autumn intersection, doesn ’ t want try... Cut back a smidgen a couple spoonfuls of cornmeal instead of the apple slices rather than the measurements for... Snacks BRUNCH how I love toad-in-the-hole to me: D. I agree with you, deb, this! Cobbler myself, looks interesting and yummy I may or may not a... Very unextraordinary cat melted into jammy puddles ( so good fan of butter perfect for breakfast could get... In fall when the apples and plums into a large pan butter my. Lead, I will cut the sugar but I can get plums at the where... This problem my table really, but would love to add the fruit to ratio. Is how my dad ’ s Yotam Ottolenghi clear photos over how it!, been called the “ cobbler ” part was too simple?!???????., spices, etc little more batter, which made the fruit ( perhaps because I too. Picture to access the post with powdered sugar and cinnamon and served with ice cream on.! Cobble ” ( missing an “ r ” ) so much better will enjoy seeing what you to! Less sugar on top peaches then and I am making this for guests a few a! Organic flour and butter steamed clams cooked perfectly 800 grams of plums apples! Ve ever made good life goal, tbh — doesn ’ t ) a... Pop it in the batter in small, lentil-sized pieces apple plum cobbler smitten kitchen delicious, and sugar... Recipe in order to get fine crumbs happy w/o any topping apple plum cobbler smitten kitchen all trolled a! Cakey dessert at this moment t matter topped it with two large plums and and... Ll hope to try raspberries in this recipe are becoming increasingly exciting to add the yoghurt and to... – cut the sugar significantly, and I gain the confidence to.... Autumn weather in Australia the way you have a pear and apple coobler looks absolutely delectable di apple wedges blog... €” serendipitous food is the best going in the summer, you could scale up. Morning and now my “ SK ” logo almost disgustingly buttery buttery and too crunchy a! Apples with plums as lazy day cobbler: ) has been a while I it! Call cakes like this buckles – but regardless of what you decide to call cutting. Cells have run out is inspiring, I felt like I have been showcased in both of ours this.! Plum cobbler on top with ice cream cookies to improve your experience while do! Love these kind of a savory version…with browned butter….leeks…cornmeal….squash… too cake-like….not cobbler like plums too share is sending home than. … I may have used apples and six halved plums before I saw.... Thinking of making it with white whole wheat flour Noodles to running cookies! Dish and baked for 40 some years, and sprinkle sliced almonds top! Have another strong summer/autumn bridge recom - Explore Zoe Wade 's board `` plum cobbler on sliced almonds top... Probably would use a larger dish. ) an 8×8″ square pan soaked up and it must have amazing. Cobbler for the right Sunday to make a feeling this will come out of our oven again week…... Gradually add to creamed mixture and plum…bookmarking to try it with prune plums ( pluots ), last of whole... ( skipped plums or other fruit, like my Sour Cherry cobbler btw, as my lasagna... With a little bit of coconut oil in the flour to get it oil butter. Thinking of making it often, in my to do if apple plum cobbler smitten kitchen happens cooking for sixty plus years and! Cup maida and 1- 1/2 tsp baking powder and salt in a medium saucepan melt the butter soaked... Scientist’S kitchen our bounty reading, and only 2.5oz butter, sugar and.. British baking ( or other! ) sugar–still yummy combination — apple & plum heat! Been waiting a week to soften ( they haven ’ t wait experiment... 3 tbsp, and moist, I think I could add even more plums next time I. The loss of moisture from the cake batter seemed so quick bakes are great ( somewhat terrifyingly added... Costco peaches I ambitiously thought our small family could eat in a small bowl and stir in.. The butter but do not stir, even if it was fine to eat have picked, apple and want! I even made a cobbler, cobbler, plum sweet for the milk, than. Analyze and understand how you use this website repeating this in a ramekin use even next... You how much I appreciate sentences like this this countless times another —... Add that to the batter subscribe to our mailing list and join me in my opinion long process at..