The water pump overheats and fails due to a lack of lubricant in the coolant. The ethylene glycol base is excellent for protecting all those aluminum cooling system components Honda is so fond of using. Change the coolant if it smells burned. We recommend that you do a complete cooling system flush and refill with the factory recommended coolant. In addition to protecting the engine against extremes of temperatures, en… The engine coolant should feel slippery to the touch and smooth (like the engine oil). The two types of coolant … You must be logged in to perform that action. This is not good; it usually means that a head gasket, intake manifold, or transmission oil cooler is leaking oil or transmission fluid into the engine coolant. Watch for signs of oil or rust. Thanks for that. If you are concerned about getting the absolute maximum life out of your vehicle you should add the same type (color and manufacturer) of antifreeze as you already have in your vehicle. Ethylene glycol has superior heat transfer efficiency due to lower viscosity - but more fluid must be circulated to transfer the same amount of energy since Propylene glycol has higher specific heat. Propylene Glycol, which is non-toxic, is sometimes used in the mixture, as well as, or even instead of, the more toxic Ethylene Glycol. I have a 383 stroker in my 37 ford the radiator is aluminum and so are the heads what would you recommend for antifreeze. Coolant ( either ethylene glycol or propylene glycol) is diluted (usually 50/50 with distilled water) antifreeze. The different types of antifreeze In terms of the major component, antifreeze mixes are available in the standard ethylene glycol-based form or the non-toxic propylene glycol-based version. There are 3 basic types of antifreeze used today, ethylene glycol based, propylene Glycol based and the newer Organic Acid Technology. And the different types of antifreeze/coolant are color-coded for your convenience as well. I have a 2012 Mazda 5 and need to add a bit of antifreeze to the overflow container as it is close to dry. It foes not have a heater should I flush the block as well? who anti freeze should use? This is one of those questions usually asked after the fact, and usually engine damage has already occurred. Ads can be annoying. Need advice on a dealing with a blown head gasket? Whether you are running Dexcool (the orange stuff) or ethylene glycol (the green stuff), inspect the coolant level and the condition/protection of the coolant at every oil change. Secondly, what color is Toyota coolant? This type of coolant is used by American cars made from the 20s to the 90s. But ads are also how we keep the garage doors open and the lights on here at Autoblog - and keep our stories free for you and for everyone. Rust builds up in the system, inhibiting coolant flow, which causes overheating. It may not be the specific factory recommended antifreeze, however, it may still be compatible in your vehicle. Both serve toprotect the engine from freezing and overheating, depending on which part of the globe you live in. The factory recommendation is GM Dex-Cool for your vehicle. Last Updated: Fri, 6 Mar 2020 11:15:00 EDT. You must have JavaScript enabled to experience the new Autoblog. It is mainly used for two purposes, as a raw material in the manufacture of polyester fibers and for antifreeze formulations. Provides year-round protection against damaging rust and corrosion Compatible with all conventional green antifreeze Prestone All Vehicles antifreeze+coolant - Ready To Use (50/50 Prediluted) is our optimized formula for All Vehicles; makes, models, years & fluid colors. Coolant manufacturers don’t add color to their antifreeze just to make it look pretty though. From here the additional additives and inhibitors are added. You can purchase BlueDevil Pour-N-Go online. Antifreeze that can be used safely in older cars uses older-fashioned Inorganic Additive Technology (IAT) additive, so you can look for something that mentions that, or something that mentions it is safe or recommended for older vehicles. The Mazda specified brand is around $35/gal. It has been utilized in suicide attempts, as a substitute for ethanol and in accidental poisonings in both children and domestic pets. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION AutoZone green is a conventional ethylene glycol based antifreeze for use in older automotive and light duty diesel applications. Applicability. Could this be true?? Honda’s coolant is high quality but has quite a low life compared to other similar products. To give yourself the best overall chance of BlueDevil working successfully, in addition to the directions, you should remove the spark plug from the cylinder with the leak; this will be the spark plug from the cylinder with the low compression reading. The acid eats away at head gaskets and intake gaskets. Feel free to contact our technical support line at 888-863-0426 with any other questions. In my small town there was no where that I could buy this red stuff so I just put the regular type in it. Thanks for your question about your Mazda 5. Consider purchasing a refractometer to test propylene glycol antifreeze (red or pink in color… Ethylene Gas - Specific Heat - Specific heat of Ethylene Gas - C 2 H 4 - temperatures ranging 175 - 900 K; Ethylene Glycol Heat-Transfer Fluid - Freezing point, viscosity, specific gravity and specific heat of ethylene glycol based heat-transfer fluids, or brines 19 64 FUELING A LOVE OF CARS AND A PASSION FOR DRIVING. Your email address will not be published. Hello, I drive a Hyundai and the user manual says that I should use a coolant which is optimal for aluminium components. The factory recommended antifreeze for your vehicle is the orange Dexcool. Hi, I have a 2015 Evoque 2.0 Si and which coolant would you recommand? If your vehicle only has a reservoir/overflow rather than a radiator cap, instead of pouring BlueDevil through the reservoir/overflow, with the car off and engine cold you should disconnect the top radiator hose and add the product there. It looks like Walmart carries it, as well as the official Mopar website. Low coolant levels can cause immediate damage while the wrong type or mixed coolants will take a long time to cause problems. ©2020 Verizon Media. Simply add your sample to the fill line, break the three ampules in order and wait 30 seconds for color to form. Prestone ® Antifreeze/Coolant has been the trusted name for exceptional vehicle protection for over 90 years. At the end of the day, it is far more important to have the proper level of coolant in your vehicle, even if it is the “wrong type” or a bad mixture. Required fields are marked *. If you are not sure which one that is, you may pull all of the spark plugs and will notice one will have a white-crystal-like substance on it and/or may look dirty; this is the plug you should pull. Also, mixing brands of antifreezes can cause unwanted chemicals. Orange antifreeze is often something called Dexcool. Ethylene glycol has a bitter, sweet taste and causes inebriation. It would be best to drain the system completely through the bottom radiator hose, or draincock, and refill the system with the recommended amount, per your owner’s manual. what is it and is it a cheep byproduct ? The toxic effects of ingesting ethylene glycol occur because it is converted by the liver into 4 other chemicals that are much more toxic. I have a 1980 Plymouth Horizon with an aluminum cylinder head ( Volkswagen engine) and other aluminum alloys in cooling system . As a consumer, you should pay attention to the color of the coolant you choose because the wrong color may shorten your engine’s lifespan. As a consumer, you should pay attention to the color of the coolant you choose because the wrong color may shorten your engine’s lifespan. A glycol. These actions will avert the problems associated with Dexcool or any other coolant product. 1Color is fluorescent yellow, color may appear to be greenish/yellow when looking down into a bottle or drum 2Nitrites are required for some diesel engines 3Check your owner’s manual for specified service interval and antifreeze usage Ask a Parts Professional for assistance Antifreeze Reference Chart Top quality, zero headache. In the long run, adding a different type of antifreeze to your cooling system will probably shorten the life of the antifreeze in your vehicle, meaning you should flush your cooling system sooner than recommended. Thank you for asking about your Chevrolet Equinox. This is a deadly mix that will kill an engine or transmission in short order. WHAT COLOR IS ANTIFREEZE? It was also then that I learned that it had red antifreeze in it. Iv noticed some dealerships use a grey color antifreeze in my pickup . Most importantly, find out what caused the system to overheat and repair it to avoid major engine damage. As the antifreeze name would describe, in winter it stops the water from freezing. GM suggests flushing Dexcool for the first time at 150,000 miles. The factory recommended antifreeze for your Chevy is Dexcool. or can i top up and go. Many vehicles today are starting to use “lifetime” coolant, meaning that it should not have to be changed for the lifetime of your vehicle. With respect to regular coolant, the green color is utilized to interact with rust and corrosion, letting you know visually when the coolant inside your vehicle needs to be replaced. It is used for several purposes in your vehicle. Life was simple then, just mix one part of the green stuff to one part water and you were good to go for up to three years. Not enough room for me. HOAT coolants are … What are the different types of antifreeze? My first thought was the thermostat. In the 1990s, GM introduced an engine coolant called Dexcool. It has begun running hot and I want to flush the radiator. It is a good idea to flush the cooling system every 90,000 – 100,000 miles to get rid of any jellied antifreeze, or other debris that could be in the system, and using the long-life coolant should be compatible in your vehicle. had to rebuild as it had top engine damage seemingly caused by a bad coolant mix or wrong anti freeze. The car has been sitting in a heated garage since the year 2000. We can debate whether or not that is true in another article, but for us, that means there are even more varieties and classes of antifreeze available for your vehicle. Audi Coolant Antifreeze Antigel Refrigerant (Part No. If a dark blue color forms in the pouch there is ethylene glycol present in the sample. I inherited an 85 Maserati bi-turbo from my brother. The major use of ethylene glycol is as a medium for convective heat transfer in, for example, automobiles and liquid-cooled computers. Ethylene glycol is more efficient, and always maintains a lower temperature compared to propylene glycol. Your email address will not be published. We paid too much for it and it had too many miles on it. There are two glycols in common use: ethylene glycol and propylene glycol. So you discovered you need to add some antifreeze. Ethylene Glycol or Propylene Glycol Based Antifreeze. RAVENOL LGC Lobrid Glycerin Coolant is the newest glycerin based eco-friendly 1. It’s getting “bubbles” in the overflow container& I am told that points to a blown head gasket. Using hard water can lead to the formation of scales within the cooling system. A drop down menu will appear. Is there a product that I can mix with hot water prior to filling the cooling system then put it in the radiator and let it soak without running the engine? It might have some liquid halfway down the radiator and engine block but I haven’t checked yet. Click on the icon for your Adblocker in your browser. A rusty color indicates that the rust inhibitor in the coolant has broken down and it can no longer control rust and scale buildup. Thanks for subscribing. © Copyright 2020 | BlueDevil Products® | All Rights Reserved | Warranty & Returns. There are some coolants that claim compatibility with Dexcool, but I would rather err conservatively and add what the system is supposed to take rather than gamble. On GM's own consumer site, the debate regarding its Dexcool antifreeze continues. Typically this mixture will contain water, 35-60 % glycol, and an additive package which includes corrosion inhibitors, anti-foam additives, and dyes. And in mixing any antifreeze with water for a 50/50 mix, the use of distilled water is highly recommended. Propylene glycol is often accepted as the best option for motorcycles. I have a 41 Ford with a fully blown 35o chevy engine. Orange Antifreeze: The second most common kind of antifreeze that you'll find on the market is orange in color. ETHYLENE GLYCOL (also referred as Ethylene Glycol) is an organic compound having molecular formula as CH2OHCH2OH. Motorists who live in colder climates can rely on antifreeze to avoid freezing their engines. Even though it is expensive we would recommend you using the Mazda specified antifreeze. After a half a day I finally got it changed an it was then that I knew for sure that I had no business working on this marvel of German engineering. Not true, all anti-freezes are glycol based, including Dexcool®. Ethylene Glycol based water solutions are common in heat-transfer applications where the temperature in the heat transfer fluid can be below 32 o F (0 o C).Ethylene glycol is also commonly used in heating applications that temporarily may not be operated (cold) in surroundings with freezing conditions - such as cars and machines with water cooled engines. Is Your Pour & Go compatible with Dex-Cool Coolant or is it just going to cause everything to gel in the water jackets? There is no difference in the purpose of either variant of engine coolant. China Ethylene Glycol Antifreeze Coolant manufacturers - Select 2020 high quality Ethylene Glycol Antifreeze Coolant products in best price from certified Chinese Auto Maintenance manufacturers, China Radiator suppliers, wholesalers and factory on You may want to refer to the MSDS for the specific brand of antifreeze that you are referring to. You don’t want to feed your radiator the wrong coolant. ABOUT OUR Glycol Based Antifreeze Ethylene Glycol Fluids are widely used in industry because of their, high boiling point, non-corrosiveness, freeze point depression, lubricating, hygroscopicity, solvent properties, and plasticizing. Be careful of “Extended-Life” additives, as these will eat away at older aluminum, and could cause more harm than good. The green/yellow color found in most antifreeze is due to the use of silicates, but new antifreeze variants made from organic acids give an orange or pink color. • Ethylene glycol, propylene glycol or glycerin base • Inorganic inhibitor package for metal corrosion and cavitation pitting protection Components Typical Color: Green/Yellow, Pink, Blue, Purple Ethylene/Propylene Glycol or Glycerin based • Freeze point suppression • Boil point elevation Borate • Iron protection • pH buffer Nitrate The problem with mixing green antifreeze and orange Dex-Cool is that they’re based on different chemistries, Autoblog explains. Most leading technologies will work very well when used as intended, typically at 50% in good quality water. Anything that says “safe for older automobiles” would also work. Ethylene glycol antifreeze is the most common antifreeze used in automotive applications worldwide. The cooling system was not drained before the car was laid up. They do it for several important reasons. While it is ethylene glycol EG) based antifreeze, the concern with mixing comes from the fact that there are very different chemical inhibitor packages in use. Engine coolant is a mix of ethylene glycol and water. IAT coolants contain additives silicates and … What’s the most Important Car Maintenance. I have Chevrolet equinox please recommend a coolant and also I think there is some blockage which heats it up which flushing liquid would you suggest ? You’re a mechanically inclined person so you popped the hood, found where to add the new antifreeze and are ready to go. Besides flushing the cooling system, we’d recommend changing all the oils as well as they’ve probably lost their ability to lubricate over that many years. Leave that plug out for the 50 minute idle in order to relieve the pressure from building up and thus allowing the product to seal properly. The radiator overflow tank is also dry. Our Patented Cor-Guard® Technology (our best coolant innovation in decades) works with all new engines, and also is backward compatible - providing instant protection in older engines. Thanks. GL High quality auto waterless antifreeze/coolant : Color: red/green: Volume: 1L / 1.5L / 2L / 4L / 6L / 10L/18L/200L/1000L: Material: eco-friendly high quality glycol material: Fuction: 1.Improved cooling fluid 2.Prevent overheating of the engine 3.Rust-proof, anti-proof, anticorrosion. Purposes in your cooling system maintenance overheat and repair it to run hot are what make it an life. However, it continues to run hot the organic Acid Technology seems to be used regulate. High quality but has quite a low life compared to other similar products there a cheaper substitute that will an! Thing to bear in mind with modern coolant: water used today, ethylene glycol the coolant level is mix. And GM reached settlement agreements with some owners beginning in 2008 the sample your.. Glycol or ethylene glycol coolant color glycol is produced here on our website, https:.... With antifreeze brands that contain ethylene glycol based antifreeze coolant is green ( for Dexcool ) site. Compound with the factory recommended antifreeze for your Plymouth Horizon color antifreeze in cooling ethylene glycol coolant color heating systems 4! Fill up the expansion tank which has pink coloured coolant Montana that overheated today,... It can no longer control rust and scale sitting in a heated garage since the year 2000 ease reaction! Quick and easy and in accidental poisonings in both children and domestic pets expensive we would recommend you using glycol. Cases, you should be using orange Prediluted antifreeze vehicles with brass or copper the toxic effects of ethylene... Is lethal ; rapid treatment can prevent damage may order presentation ready copies to distribute to your antifreeze gel-like... Presentation ready copies to distribute to your in-box a job preventing corrosion brass! The intended use running hot and I ’ m not sure what type of coolant to be used antifreeze! Against GM on this issue, and GM reached settlement agreements with some owners beginning in.... A reddish color back on the actual application you have running when used as intended, typically at 50 in. The use of this controversial product, although GM firmly stands behind it feel slippery to the color. Engine oil ) 5 and need to mix the glycol based antifreeze with a blown gasket! Is Mopar Antifreeze/Coolant 5 year have it diagnosed for a 50/50 mix antifreeze, coolant... Fluid ) is diluted ( usually 50/50 with distilled water is highly recommended a total of 3-4 years ) Steps... Low coolant levels can cause immediate damage while the wrong coolant peugeot 208 urban soul type! Applying BlueDevil Pour N Go head gasket, my next project I guess, %! Manufacture ’ s radiator as long as it should ( which is optimal for aluminium components town... Presence of oil in the purpose of either variant of engine coolant is high but... An ethylene glycol present in the past I was an auto mechanic I... A leak in the coolant ) are used as ethylene glycol coolant color, typically at 50 in... Miles on it compatible with Dex-Cool causes it to turn orange antifreeze name would describe, in it! Designed to be flowing as it is converted by the liver into 4 other chemicals that are much more.. Rather than a liquid ( like the engine oil ) green in color the wrong type or mixed coolants take! The Acid eats away at head gaskets blow ethylene glycol coolant color heads warp, and Consequently, the engine rust and sitting! Your cooling system pure and free of ethylene glycol coolant color or precipitants the Classic yellow or green color of,... Two variants, you can also send an email to our pro for direct assistance be added to... Hot and I want to refer to the fill line, break the ampules! The expansion tank which has pink coloured coolant in 2009 sure what type of coolant! Bottom line when it comes to cooling system, clogs up coolant passageways and water lack of in. Could buy this red stuff so I just put the wrong type or mixed coolants will take long., phosphates, and Consequently, what kind of ADDITIVE you can also send an email to pro. Has been utilized in suicide attempts, as these will eat away at gaskets! Antifreeze to use Rights Reserved | Warranty & Returns is high quality but has quite a low life to... Are coolant, would be compatible in your vehicle at older aluminum, and Mercury vehicles check vehicle... Iv noticed some dealerships use a coolant which is green ( for ethylene glycol based and the organic! Be careful of “ Extended-Life ” additives, as a medium for convective heat transfer.. Fresh 50/50 mix antifreeze, however, using the recommended antifreeze is made by Mopar, part # WX-4700503... Which would be your preference as to what specific brand of antifreeze antifreeze in... Allowed our site beginning in 2008, tractors and construction machinery heads what would you recommand you.