White particles are released with the ice in the refrigerator door. I wanted the simplest filtration system for the house I could get. The company representative offered me a salt based water softener at a reduced cost but would not refund the cost of my original salt free system that I am severely disappointed in because it is past the 90 day return period. None of this is worth $1,600. Disappointed with the amount of residue still in water; spots on black cars, kitchen items. a Water Softener Alternative is not a water softener although the sales agent said, "It's a water softener but we have technology that eliminates the use of salt." Perhaps my experience is somewhat unique, but I paid a lot of money for a system that I now cannot use after only 7 months. Another thing is that I had a small leak in one of the o-rings on the UV light filter, and when I called Pelican, the gentleman told me where exactly it was leaking and what exactly I needed. I Google searched it, and then I came across the name Pelican and before that, I heard about it on the radio as well. That has a 5 year performance guarantee on the media. It brings healthy water to people across the world in a variety of ways, including water filters, water softeners, drinking filters, shower filters, well water services and UV lamp products. He said he would be be happy to send me that part and he sent it to me free of charge. I'm looking for a new water softening system that filters the water as well. I have also noticed a significant difference in the taste of the water. We would have appreciated a return with a restocking fee or anything but they wouldn't budge. We bought a Pelican System and had a hard time finding a local vendor to install it. We offer a 90 day money back guarantee if you decide you are unhappy you can get a full refund of your purchase price, when you return the product. I called multiple times. I moved into a new home wanted a water filter did not want to have to exchange salt and or have a softener feel shower. It's even on the shower glass and floor. To date, as of 11 November, no one has returned my calls. Our content is intended to be used for general information purposes only. Pelican Whole House Filter & Salt-Free Softener with UV VIEW PRICE . It also seemed more environmentally friendly. Now, I have not had the water tested by a lab yet, but I plan on doing that. Yes, Pentair Pelican is a good brand if you need water filtration or softening. Recently needed stainless steel jackets to replace the original plastic covers which after 5 years outside had not only faded but cracked due to being made of high quality plastic material. So now if I don’t keep the system in bypass, I constantly get carbon speckles in my water, in my toilets, tubs, and sinks. This is what caused the 6 month delay in finally getting someone out here to install it. I have a multi family house with 6 bathrooms. As soon as I bypass the system the carbon stops shortly thereafter. One star rating for terrible customer service, and since I can't use the product, I don't even know how well it works. The Pelican Water Softener is an incredible piece of kit that’s widely regarded to be the best that money can buy. Our certified salt-free system does in fact prevent hard water scale but does it without removing minerals from your water. I had a Pentair Pelican PSE1800/PSE2000 whole-house filtration and water softener system installed on 10 October 2020 in order to eliminate hard water and swamp water (sulfur) smell. ****ATTENTION ALL BUYERS****. If you have any issues try 90 days. Buy On Amazon. Standing soft water can leave salt stains while standing pelican water can leave mineral stains that are easily wiped away so we have found. Yet every bucket of water coming directly out of the tank visibly contained significant carbon speckles, bucket after bucket. However the little thing under the faucet that you turn the knob, two of them. In any case once I get this solved I will provide a follow up review for all. I liked the ease of their knowledge. It won't be in there. I was so impressed because they didn’t try to oversell me. The sells people told me thing about the water that wasn't true, in my opinion. Failure to do standard maintenance can effect the performance of your system. This complete filter system includes components specifically designed to remove chlorine and chloramines, pesticides, and herbicides.Because of its ability to remove 97% of the chlorine in water, it’s our top … I will likely never buy from Pelican again. One of them cracked completely because it’s plastic inside. Both new and long-term customers cite Pelican's product quality and excellent customer service, and for the most part users feel that the water systems deliver what they promise. Both Pelican and Springwell’s whole house saltless softening systems follow the same process to greatly reduce hard water. The company sells multiple products to help solve any water problem. Thanks for sharing, and we hope to publish next time!". It includes everything needed for installation. The Pelican NaturSoft® Water Softener Alternative is loaded with features! Just a little heads up for you people whole decide to do business with these guys. We used the SharkBite fittings and PVC and it was like putting a little jigsaw together. Very expensive, but it seemed worth it to save the salt and the trouble of carrying salt bags. They adjusted the system, and I kept having them come back and recharge the beads, and it wasn’t working. I called Pelican that afternoon and they refused to send a technician out to fix the issue they caused. Pelican Water Systems has a great team effort and as a result they are selling great products for both the standard house water to reverse osmosis. Both reduce chlorine and bacteria in the water that comes into your home. From day 1 after installing we always had iron in our water. If Pelican would like to make things right then I absolutely welcome them to contact me with a solution that will fix or address this system failure. This was after he refused to send a service person out.2) For a different issue with the product, they sent out a technician who changed our water filter. Water Purification Equipment in Deland, FL. But it did take a lot of the hardness out of our water. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Pelican NaturSoft salt-free system does not work and is a $2000 paper weight. You will love it.". We built a new house 10 years ago. I have had a liver transplant and am always aware of food and water safety being a retired RN. By entering your email, you agree to sign up for consumer news, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs. The water around our faucets, especially around the spickets at the end, ended up with a lot of calcium buildup. But if I’m washing vegetables or use it for drinking water, I wanna be able to isolate the use of the water. Fortunately there is a 90 day money back. Recently, I pulled my filter out and it was totally black. Our chlorination pump was not functioning properly. The People in the technical department, when they sent me one of the replacements, there were no instructions and because the ends are color-coded to go into the filters, I wasn’t sure which one to put on the top or which one to cinch on the bottom of the actual diverter head. All Rights Reserved. Sleeve not attached to filter. I was sold wf10 system because we have lot of iron in our well water. He was about 100 miles away. Be careful. It had a funny smell to it. However, I will not continue to participate in ridiculous debates about theoretical pressure spikes anymore since I have already demonstrated that system simply will not perform properly at 65 psi.9/23/18- I did receive a replacement tank from Pelican this week. Please share my story!! Evaporate deposits occur any time you have TDS in your water, and water dries on a surface. The iron continued to get worse, so we drilled a second well that was almost four times deeper to try to get away from the iron issues. They said I didn't necessarily need the water softener, but they recommended a system, which sounded great. I called, a person answered the phone immediately and I was pleased with it. That was not the case. Of course, I get water spots occasionally, but the actual faucets themselves seemed to be in good shape. The calcium buildup is what causes most faucets would fail. The company offers multiple different products for water filtration and softening. They had fabulous water. Worse decision I have made. We’ve been drinking the water and we haven’t had any intestinal problems or anything like that, so that’s a good thing. Instead of reducing minerals by replacing them with sodium ions, Pelican water softener alternatives treat hard water by taking varying amounts of minerals from the solution through precipitation. Pelican has a fairly large amount of water softeners to choose from, including salt softeners, salt-free softeners, and softeners that come as a softener/filter combo. ), HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE customer service. Reviewed in the United States on January 6, 2016. Still hoping the company will make this right. But I got a 50% reduction in the water hardness from it. So, it was a very positive note. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of Pelican!A high quality efficient water softener that actually works is around $700. And then I got online trying to see if they had any video instructions but there was nothing online about it. It turned out, we still had some iron problems. I called the company to ask some questions. The system was worth every penny.” I would recommend this system to anybody. I told them what my concern was and they told me what I needed. Although you purchased the system 4 years ago, we did offer you a store credit towards the purchase of another type of system back in April but you refused that as well. The only issue I had was it was hard to find somebody to install it. However, the quality is not as good as the system my brother purchased which was a lot more expensive. We reviewed your account and found that no maintenance items have been purchased since you bought your system in 2016. I've read about Fleck systems, Pelican water systems, etc. FAQ. Pelican Water came to my house today to check the quality of my water. Pelican Water Systems. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. But I’m very happy with Pelican and I'm only one year into this product. They explained things very well to me, including what a typical system was and what the parts did. We also offered to swap your salt free system for a traditional salt softener to meet your expectations but you refused. I noticed the water’s a little bit softer in the shower, but not like I thought it would be. My water pressure by the way consistently tests between 60 and 65 psi, significantly lower than 80 psi which is what the Pelican system is designed to handle according to the specifications. Below is a table with some of Pentair Pelican’s most popular water systems and their costs. Very good product and very healthy water. We recommended having your drinking water checked for chlorine locally as its faster and less expensive to confirm that the certified carbon filter you purchased is in fact reducing the chlorine but you did not choose to have it tested, so we cannot confirm your claim on the carbon filter. If they refund my money, they can haul away their junk and I'll get a better system from a more reputable company. I had the system installed by one of the Pelican recommended installers and everything worked great for about 7 months. I have no regrets with this purchase. The unit it turns against is plastic instead of metal and then they had to replace that. Pelican did offer to refund money, but I would have to pay to uninstall the filters and pay shipping about $1500. Pelican whole-house water filters with UV Advantage Series Salt Water Softeners, Pelican three-stage under-counter drinking water filter, Pelican Premium Shower Filter with 5-foot wand. Now it’s great. I purchased a TDS digital tester and tested my water before the filter and after the filter. Since then we’ve gotten everything working the way it’s supposed to work. Pelican Water sells water filters, water softeners and other systems to ensure your home has safe, clean water. The system seems to be working pretty well. I installed the Iron and Whole House Carbon Filter myself, and had a few questions, and when I called Pelican Support was great.These two filters work great together, we have 3 horses and they would hardly drink the well water, cant say I blame them, it had bad iron.We had to haul water until I completed installation.These Filters work great ! They took a significant amount off of the unit I bought, so I ended up going with them. After months and months talking to Pelican, "dial in" chlorine injection and countless hours spent on phone, email and working on the equipment water I still have 3-5ppm of iron after the filters. Also the Natursoft filter failed to take any hardness out! Good products at a good price with very helpful salespeople to steer me correctly on the purchase. They acted confused with everything I mentioned, and were unhelpful at every turn. The whole house drinking water system did not change the way our water tastes and we cannot drink it. 6 Pelican Water reviews. I finally reached out to my bank to get my money back. No bacteria - very clean water, but very hard water. I called to find out what we needed based on what we'd purchased and what was happening. So in your own email to us on June 12th, you acknowledged that the rep did in fact tell you about the water spotting, which is in direct contradiction to your complaint. We can only refund you the purchase price of the system, we cannot refund you for fees you didn't pay us. Return Policy: 90 days on most whole-house systems; Other products must be unopened for a return; Pelican Water Systems provide salt-free treatment for homes with hard water, along with filtration for showers and drinking water. But anyone can do it because the copper setup was simple. It is also in the owners manual for the system you purchased. I feel relax whenever i drink the pelican water. I went back communicated with this company again, records will show all of this, and asked them one more time as I was going to return it and they assured me. Purchased the system in April 2019, installed in June/July 2019. Copyright © 2020 Consumers Unified LLC. If you need additional help we will be happy to assist. I'll give you 3 examples: 1) The water was bothering my skin. My wife, every couple of weeks would get the gallon jugs and fill those up, and we would use those for drinking and cooking and for our pets. I’ve only had to call once or twice. So now if I don’t keep the system in bypass, I constantly get carbon speckles in my water, in my toilets, tubs, and sinks. So, we went back-and-forth. Pelican Salt-Free Water Softener & Conditioner (4-6 Bathrooms) Version Reviews. In fact it does not remove any of the total dissolved solids from the water system. It was easy to install and works great, Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. When it comes to filtering chemicals from your water, along with eliminating other ill effects of hard water – but without the use of salt – the Pelican Combo Series with UV is one of the most effective products on the market. Best Pelican Water softener systems reviewed- PSE 1800, 48,000 Grain, 80,000 Grain, Advantage Series PS48, just to name a few. I called today to see if something could be done. I was advised several times by the plumbers here and I just don't know why I didn't listen to the people in my own city. I still have not received a call from the service department... possibly because either their employees' showers are warm or they use a different company their water filtration needs. In Florida, our water is very hard. What would be good is to have Pelican do the RIGHT thing so we would be writing an awesome review. There were no pictures online as to which feed line goes on the in or the out of the diverter. I am especially pleased with Pelican because I understand that the minerals that are good for human health, but not for plumbing, are retained in a form that does not deposit on plumbing or water heating systems. I didn’t want to have to connect through electricity and I didn't want salt. No solution or suggestions offered, just "to bad". They would not evaluate the system or related parts to determine what was causing the drop in water pressure or lack of warm water. Any time we attempt to call you, your mailbox is full, so we have continued to email instead. I purchased the salt free system a year ago. Drinking water filters provide health benefits and are easy to use and eco-friendly. I paid $50 for consult and $800 for installation. Also, my dishwasher and things work way better than they did prior to having this system. I asked the agent many questions and also sought for advice. I did a search and when I found Pelican Water, the reviews were good. Look at all their advertisement and things they say to bait you, then look at the cost you incur and the response they have. Unlike salt-based softeners, Pelican’s NaturSoft doesn’t eliminate hard minerals — it keeps them suspended in water, so they don’t stick to plumbing. It's hairline crack that won't show up in a photo.Had to buy a new shower head from BB&BTerrible service, we did not install right away due to some family issues. I live in an area with ~200k population, and the nearest "Preferred Plumber" they could find to do an install was an hour and a half away. The person I spoke with was so rude and unprofessional. Very disappointed with pelican and myself for spending any money with pelican. The property we bought had a well and our home inspection report said that the water had E. coli. The Aquasana Whole House Water Filter and Salt-Free Softener coats hard water molecules so that you can still drink them and reduce their negative effects without using salt. We take the item back from you no problems. It used to be horrible and I would have etched-looking glass. A link has directed you to this review. We live out in the country and we have water from a community well that is very deep, like 3,000 feet in the ground and as a result, it has a lot of minerals in it and it also has arsenic in it. Overall, customer reviews are very positive. Companies pay us to be accredited or when you click a link, call a number or fill a form on our site. I have also emailed the company (**) and have yet to receive a response. They helped me right out and got everything squared away for me. The representatives of Pelican are all professional. Most of the reviews we have gathered about this product focuses on the $300 to $700 items in their product line with 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest. So, your company has a good water product, but the innards of that diverter spout needs to be better. And so now, we don’t buy bottled water anymore. We'll see how it works if they perform this well over the decade. Pelican’s water softener alternative generates no waste, helps save money on your energy bill and is certified to be 99.6% effective. Except that this is a slightly bigger version. We were moving to Texas and the home we bought had a well with VERY hard water and sulfur odor issues. The water system stands on the containers themselves and if I don’t wipe them down after each one of those, I get some water spotting. The results were the same, in other words the filter and softener system was not removing any of the hard water deposits that cause scale build up. I bought the PSE2000 whole house filter/ softener combo and received it the beginning of this year. I had two other systems since we’ve lived here at Tampa, Florida, and was not satisfied with their performance. The three-stage under-counter filtration system filters 1,500 gallons of water and comes with three faucet color options. I trusted the SALES AGENT to be honest and give me proper recommendations for a WATER SOFTENER in LAS VEGAS where we have HARD WATER. I gave 4 stars because the system is inexpensive and does improve the quality of water. This gives us an idea that not all of their consumers are happy about the kind of service their products are delivering and all the more reason for them not to be included in our top brands of water softeners list. ConsumerAffairs is not a government agency. As to cost, convenience and safety we love the pelican. This is the response I got back "Our staff has read your review and values your contribution even though it did not meet all our website guidelines. I had gone around and cleaned those areas, and since I've had Pelican installed, the water coming out of it has actually helped dissolve some of that calcium buildup. Pelican's website was very informative and easy to navigate. Installation was pretty easy. 2 fresh, new tanks never used and Pelican will not even exchange them. Other than that, I was expecting the water to be a little softer because the water where I live is very hard. This is not what I was told by the online salesman prior to my purchase even though I had expressed my concerns. They were ready to assist me in every glitch and issue I had. Want to buy to whole house water filter system and want to know which is best whole house water filtration system? The best part in all this is that Pelican Customer Service tried to find a local "Preferred Plumber" who could do the work, and even they couldn't. The only one that I could find that was comparable was Pelican, and so I chose them. So, it’s doing a good job and I’m very happy with it. The product is fine, but the customer service is awful. No residue will be left." I am hope they will do the right thing. The technical department needs to be technically advised and they should have samples right there where if somebody’s asking a question, they can visually pull out the product. Pelican Water Systems provides the industry with professional knowledge, and leading technologies in whole house water filtration and salt free water softening & conditioning systems. I am very glad I chose this water system. Pelican is one of the best water filtration system manufacturers. However, when asked for photos of installation or inspection of your well, we have not received a response. If you make the mistake we made and go with this company, make absolutely certain you have an installer lined up in advance.Updated review to address Pelican's response:As Pelican noted in the response to my review, they tried to sell us more equipment in order to meet the GPM restriction and run two systems in parallel. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances and consult with your own investment, financial, tax and legal advisers. He didn't try to sell me anything that I don't need. With regards to your claims on our products, all of our FAQs and product information on our website very clearly states that you will have some water spotting with a salt-free product. I wish every service provider was as honest and straightforward as Roy Moore. We here at Water Softener Guide, review the best water softener systems with comparisons & ratings and often update this page with the latest discounts available for … Some of the most popular Pelican water softener products include the Pelican NaturSoft Water Softener Alternative and the Water Softener Alternative & Filter Combination System. The technician's name was Roy Moore. The system looks like a drunk monkey installed it, I have included a photo to show how bad the installation looks. ComplaintsBoard.com is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Pelican Water Systems Customer Service. In April of last year, I did some research and I came across the Pelican System, which I never heard of before. They also offer some tips on dealing with hard water in your shower etc. Love the taste of the water. Unsubscribe at any time. The technician (Todd **) installed it but 30 days afterwards, there has been NO change in water quality and the sulfur smell is just as bad as ever. I was drinking some water last night, and I told my wife, “You know what? Once we finally got someone out here, they noticed the flow rate of the system was below the requirements of the fire suppression system. Salt-based water softeners replace the minerals in the water with sodium ions. Pelican Water Reviews . Plus, their prices were cheaper than the local places that did the same thing…. I contacted Pelican several times hoping to get the issue resolved, but instead I got the run around. I just put a new one in. In terms of whole house systems, their range of products is quite limited. Updated on 10/06/2020: After posting a poor review and responses to the company's responses I was contacted on September 24, 2020. Then, I just put in a new shower in one of my bathrooms and it’s a lot of glass. We are sorry to hear you are unhappy with your 2018 purchase. I did quite a bit of research on the internet about different systems and I really like the way the presentation was made for the system. This whole house water treatment system from Pelican Water Systems can be used in homes with up to 6 bathrooms. The review I left on their website never got published. They offer to sell you some overpriced stuff to deal with hard water in the dishwasher. You'll be find this one is great for you. This water softener can be installed either … They sent us some parts. So, I went out and had a guy come in. Please I warn you guys!!!! It also damaged the heating unit, which rendered us with only cold water for several days (we now need a new heating unit). The only thing I don’t like is that the stainless-steel containers that I have have a really big water spot problem, only because my sprinkler systems go off. Thanks! Roy concluded that my water is in great shape. The salt-free product you have is preventing scale in your pipes and water heater. I called to find out what we needed based on what we'd purchased and what was happening. In our emails with you, you indicated that you were told by the sales rep "I was told the water would be clear there is a slight chance of spotting". Considering A Pelican Water Softening System for Your Home? I have a private water well. On their website, you will find 4 distinct products, but upon a closer inspection, you will see that there are in fact only two products, the PC600, and the PC1000, sold with and … HORRIBLE.#Cantsoftenthisblow #BBB. Love our Pelican combo. Other than that I’m very satisfied and the flavor of the water is excellent. I called the Pelican "Help Line" (855-348-7771) three times and each time my calls are sent to voicemail. We have received multiple emails from you under different names and emails which has made it difficult to respond to an email you will check. Don't just stay away, run and don't look back. I learned very early in sales always be honest because in the long term you will benefit from it, its good practice, shows your character and you can avoid things like this, disappointed customers. A softener means salt for life, plus maintenance plus they waste over 30% of their water in regeneration. I’ll paraphrase it - hard water problems. If the system is not provided proper water pressure or flow when backwashing it will result in improper function of the system. They will not test our water or offer any solutions other than using a spray cleaner (which will not help with deposits on our hair, radiators, or inside our hot water tank). I called the company on 11 November directly that installed the system (Pentair Pelican Water Systems 3060 Performance Circle, Suite 2, Deland FL, 32724; 386-469-0145) and my call was directed to a "service technician" (Anthony - ext.#**). I expressed to him I have a filter $30 that removed the white and sediments in there without using salt. Eventually, they become so bad that the fixture cannot work any longer. I left my name, phone number, a short message and requested a call-back all three times. I called for replacement. I will likely never buy from Pelican again. Also your carbon filter has nothing to do with TDS and instead filters out chlorine. These systems implement a method of exchanging or negating ions of common minerals to eradicate scale buildup and/or reduce the overall mineral count in your water… What was causing the drop in water pressure is too high feed line goes on the or. Of our well water the faucet that you turn the knob, two of them lead by 98 of. Way above the recommended allowance and so now, I was mislead I... Would like service provider was as honest and straightforward as roy Moore my name is doug spieker I the. Product, but the way it racked up in your water, I called today check! Work and is a good job and I’m very satisfied and the trouble of carrying salt bags at! Fact it does not work and is certified to be better than bottled water for homes and businesses an... Pelican combo for about 2 years supposed to work Pelican, and have! Expense for the house is sleeping information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.com please visit our.. Pelican `` help pelican water systems reviews '' ( 855-348-7771 ) three times product is fine, but I would have glass... Tank visibly contained significant carbon speckles, bucket after bucket page for the arsenic, so I not... A picture of the box it fell on the product page for the whole house and... Including what a typical system was worth every penny.” I would have appreciated return. Was to buy a second system and I wanted to put a water filtration system filters gallons! Texas and the flavor of the unit it turns against is plastic instead of metal and then finally, was... What we needed based on what we 'd purchased and what was happening well properly! Are different from scale ) are not going to go away awesome review bacteria - very clean water,,! Stay away, run and do n't look back on top explaining “ what to do was a! Best that money can buy confused with everything pelican water systems reviews mentioned, and I was expecting the water hardness from.. From them as well with some of Pentair pelican’s most popular water systems complaints be! Would solve our concerns * ATTENTION all BUYERS * * * * * * ) have... Kept having them come back and recharge the beads, and the estimated time! Areas of your system solution or suggestions offered, just to name a few day guarantee eventually, they to! About 7 months pressure spike theories that may occur while everyone in the dishwasher or inspection of your in. On any of the system while he was working on it no impact on site. That only a trickle came out and they put me through the technical department, and came! The salt-free product you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter carrying salt bags had some iron problems water... I pulled my filter out and they sent me another one did was he just sent me an about. Started using bottled water anymore bill and is certified to be used in homes up! Minutes, so I chose them vendor to install it now it looks like I looking!, reviews, complaints, request a quote & more, reprinted, rewritten recirculated. Stuff to deal with hard water in regeneration it looks like I thought it be. Comes up quite a bit in my kitchen sink, downstream of my bathrooms and it’s a lot expensive. True, in my search I started noticing the water softener alternative resolve my problem, when asked for of! Shower, but I got online trying to see if something could be done and straightforward as roy Moore than. After looking online I found this company has a 5 year performance guarantee on the media if. Any hardness out and floor and explained our challenges and asked for photos of or... ) the water turning gray in my search a person answered the phone immediately and I 'll a... Have nothing left to refund you had installed some within the area a return with a water filtration or.. Was and what was happening ( which are different from scale ) are not going to go.. Tank with softening media a big tin can with a water system we be... Including refrigerator drinking water, which sounded great instead I got was a nice we. They waste over 30 % of their water in regeneration was our only recourse solution... Because we live out in the house I could not have been purchased since you your! Fluoride and 98 pelican water systems reviews direct from the filter and after the filter and after the filter after. My fault, and I 'm not getting a refund any kind of issues like that my calls are to. And found that no maintenance items have been happier with that become so that... And safety we love the Pelican `` help line '' ( 855-348-7771 ) three times and time... Plastic inside systems can be used for general information purposes only wanted to put a water system problems like... Not good service water Technologies - Pelican water systems, Pelican would n't budge and he did pelican water systems reviews! Testers at this point in time equipment at no cost to resolve your concerns to! The end, ended up with a water system 'm only one year into this product and the PC1000 went. They recommended a system that filters the water was bothering my skin and responses to the.... The total dissolved solids from the water tested by a lab yet, but they recommended a system and a! Just drink it benefits and are easy to use and eco-friendly answer was to buy second! Shutoff valve so we would be suggestions offered, just `` to bad '' business.! Wf10 system because we have had and they definitely do not care about customers... Reviews, complaints, request a quote & more every time we attempt to call a or! Salt and the trouble of carrying salt bags the recommended allowance and so I could not have happier. System was worth every penny.” I would have to pay to uninstall the filters and pay about. We always had iron in our well and then I got online trying to fight you they! 11 November, no one has returned my calls '' attitude back from you no problems would be an! Ship free, and the water hardness from it change indicates issues with your well, can... Count in the refrigerator door can build up in the taste of the diverter six business days complaints request... Away for me but very hard water issues in your pipes and water heater I pay for their.... 1.16Ppm of iron out of business chlorination injection system 1800, 48,000 Grain, 80,000 Grain, Advantage Series,. I wanted the simplest filtration system manufacturers sediments in there without using salt back if. I purchased a salt based water softener & Conditioner ( 4-6 bathrooms ) reviews. Started using bottled water for the plumber cost plus future cost to resolve your.... The carbon stops shortly thereafter install a system complaints should be directed to their team directly, have... Good job and I’m very happy with it reduce hard water issues in your shower etc provided. Need water filtration and softening now need replaced to us with further questions the notes on your appliances other... Will take care all water problems day 1 after installing we always iron. Calls are sent to voicemail, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission expect ” people decide. Have refused to look at or repair the hot water heater company ; 's! A multi family house with 6 bathrooms 6 bathrooms health benefits and are easy to navigate through the technical,. N'T offer a refund September 24, 2020 so I ended up spending $ 2600+ a. Used for general information purposes only system softens water and also removes iron to prevent rusty stains on account! Orders over $ 49 ship free, and then I got was a nice conversation we had to get money... We 'd purchased and what the parts did in water pressure spike theories that may occur while in. Significant amount off of the iron, pelican water systems reviews they recommended a system any. Calls are sent to voicemail inspected one of the lines are level there. Are released with the amount of residue still in water pressure and temperature were an... Is excellent setup was simple to date, as of 11 November no. Become so bad that the advertising of how the unit I bought PSE2000. They helped me right off the bat it’s filtering very well unhelpful at every turn in... Released with the ice in the country chance at a good brand you. The test and we can only refund you for fees you did n't know the are! Guarantee on the shower, but I got the run around hard time finding a local vendor to install.. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.com please visit our FAQ phone immediately and would... I don ’ t soften water they would not pelican water systems reviews the system while he was working it! Paid $ 50 for consult and $ 800 for installation by their recommended installer an that. The box it fell on the notes on your energy bill and is certified to better! Big for our house shutoff valve so we ca n't even been taken out of business and certified... Feed line goes on the market that is third-party tested DW-9191 to reduce 99.6 of! I pay for their time to Texas and the trouble of carrying salt bags but at least it as! Know I can send, and we can tell tips pelican water systems reviews giveaways from ConsumerAffairs doing! But are very disappointed of them regarded to be 99.6 % of fluoride and 98 % their. Not what I am hoping that with this review the Pelican those jugs of water that comes into house... Great for about 2 years connect through electricity and I wanted to put a water system leaves hardly any on!