Hand poured wax for wax seals, custom colors, custom sticks, Waterstons wax, J Herbin wax, scottish sealing wax, waxseals, Glue Gun wax, faux wax, Sealing Wax, personalized sticks of wax, Worldwide delivery, Paypal accepted, cochineal colored wax sticks : email:orders@kingswax.com| tel: 1 … £14.84, Customer Service: 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday, This company supports the Metropolitan Police initiative to prevent sale of equipment for illegal purposes. (Our favourite glue gun is the Dremmel 930 dual temp glue gun, used on the low setting). Each stick will make up to 8 impressions (based upon a 25mm diameter seal). This wax is Faux wax that is the same as our standard wax and has additives added to the mixture to make it stronger and flexible. Sticks are 3-3/4" long (7/16" dia.) To melt the "wax" for your seal, use a low-temp glue gun that takes full-size glue sticks. Alipay USA made. Onetouch Lazada, Browse Alphabetically: Large sticks (11m) will make up to 16. Size: The Sealing Wax Stick is 2/5 inch in diameter x 5 2/5 inch in length, Suitable for Standard Size Glue Gun, Melting the wax sticks by glue gun is very easy to use, no worry about burning your finger. FLEXIBLE Gun Wax Sticks Made with 90% USA made ingredients, 10% Canadian and ZERO Chinese Easiest to use, you will not get soot in your seals, You will not burn your fingers and it is about 5 times faster to create seals. 浙B2-20120091, Wax Seal Sticks Use For Hot Melt Glue Gun Hot Sale Glue Gun Wax Seal, New Style Standard Colors Glue Gun Sealing Wax 40 colors Seal wax sticks wickless sealing wax sticks with small MOQ. | Country Search Sealing Wax Sticks - Wax Sticks for Glue Gun - Wax Seal - Sealing Wax - Stamp Wax Sticks - Invitation Wax Seal Sticks - Glue Gun Wax StampingThingsStudio. Guangzhou XiangTengYun Paper&Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Xiangtengyun Paper&Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Shijiazhuang Tabo Candles Sales Co., Ltd. Suzhou West Van Import And Export Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Lixin Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. Hebei Huaman Candle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Anhui Goldmen Industry & Trading Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Goodluck Office Supplies Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Rshare International Trade Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Goodluck Office Stationery Co., Ltd. Shanghai Fuyada International Trading Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Crystal Import & Export Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Maoping Sculpture Arts Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Sky Contact Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Fashion Cards Paper Products Co., Ltd. | Showroom Find our wax seal stamps here. A wide variety of sealing wax sticks for glue guns options are available to you, such as office, decoration. Candles and Sticks start at … £6.99. İster iyi markalar, isterse de şirketiniz için ucuz, ekonomik ve toplu alımlar olsun, aradığınız her şeyi AliExpress'te bulacağınıza eminiz. We have two types of sealing wax sticks, Standard and Glue Gun. Wax Sticks High Quality Paraffin Wax Sticks And Seal Stamp Set With Box Wedding Invitations, Wax Wax/ Stick Custom Wax Seal 3D Stickers/sealing Wax/ Peel And Stick Faux Wax Seal, Stick Wax Stick On Wax Seals/wedding Waxseals/faux Wax Seals, Glue Gun Wax Sticks Glue Gun Sealing Wax Sticks Standard 40 Colors Hot Glue Gun Wax Seal Sticks With Small MOQ, Glue Gun Stick Sealing Wax Sticks Glue Gun Sealing Wax Sticks Hot Glue Gun With Glue Stick Colour Sealing Wax Sticks, Flexible Glue gun sealing wax sticks for seal stamp glue gun sealing wax, 59 or 40 colors sealing wax sticks for wax glue gun, Wholesale sealing wax stick for gun and pot. Alibaba.com offers 513 sealing wax sticks for glue guns products. Traditional wax seals add a beautiful and individual touch to wedding invitations. Choose from matte or pearl shimmer shades in a range of complimentary accent colours. Make around 9-10 seals with our 25mm wax stamp. The wax seal will be strong and flexible; it won't crack with rough handling. If you're planning to seal_dozens_of_invitations,_then using sealing wax glue gun is the quickest, cleanest and most efficient method. Drip the wax on your document and stamp with a brass seal. Click here to see a size comparison. Sticks like this are ideal for professional calligraphers that do a lot of wax seals for events like weddings. Our own Glue Gun Sealing wax hand made in our own workshop in Shropshire - perfect for all wax sealing projects, easy to use with no black soot residue (as with wick sealing wax). From shop StampingThingsStudio. Sticks are 3 3/8 x 3/8 x 3/8” 10 colors ; Each stick produces 7 seals; Sold in packs of 4 sticks per color; Ref H331 This sealing wax does not crack, chip or break. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Supple Wax. Whether using them as part of your design on a bellyband or to seal the envelope, each wax seal is distinctive and unique.Using a Glue Gun Insert the 7mm wax sticks into a mini glue gun.  Allow a couple of minutes to heat up. SW100. Wax Sticks for Glue Guns. We do not stock glue guns and can be purchased from any craft store. 6 x Pack of Wax Gun Sealing Stamp Sticks For Melting Gun Sealing in 19 Colours. 15 Pieces Glue Gun Sealing Wax Sticks for Retro Vintage Wax Seal Stamp and Letter, Great for Wedding Invitations, Cards Envelopes, Snail Mails, Wine Packages, Gift Wrapping (Red Copper) 4.5 out of … İyi bir seçim yaptınız ve stamp wax sticks for melting glue gun sealing için doğru yere geldiniz. Information may be shared with the law enforcement. Sold per stick. telephone 01603 487246 Customer Service: 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday, Web Price These 100mm sticks with wicks are perfect for use with traditional wax seals and stamps. | Letters and cards with supple wax seals can be sent through the mail if the letter is hand-canceled. Customer visiting our factory We can produce wax seals of any pattern according to your requirement. All in stock colors are only $1.75 per stick. 50+ sticks $1.50 200+ sticks $1.25 each. Q: What are the benefits of using glue gun wax? Sealing wax has been used for centuries as a method of officially sealing messages closed. You don't use a flame, there will be no soot in your finished wax seals, and using glue gun wax can be up to 10x faster than using traditional sealing wax … This is an actual wax molded to fit a standard (not mini) glue gun, allowing one to create seals without a flame. The price includes one sealing wax stick in the color of your choice only. Terms of Use Glue Gun Sealing Wax Sticks Easy to use - no flame required. As this wax is mixed by hand in small batches, so note that there may be very slight shade variations between batches. £14.05 -, RRP A wide variety of glue gun seal wax sticks options are available to you, such as use, temperature type, and glue stick length. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Each stamp will produce a unique seal, giving your handmade invitations a personal touch. | Check out this link for our top tips on how to use your glue gun sealing wax sticks. This is the first glue gun sealing wax ever on the market. Aladine of France has created these limited run glue gun sticks in bright and vibrant colors, which we import directly.A strong and flexible wax idea for mailing and packaging. Click & Collect. Sealing Wax Sticks to fit any Standard Glue Gun 4" long - 0.44" diameter (not Mini size!) Small sticks (7.2mm) will make up to eight impressions using one of our 25mm seals. INPUT: 100-220V, 50-60HZ. Envelopes today have their own adhesives, but sealing waxes and seals are a fun way to add pizazz and customization to letters and cards. 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A: You can make around 6-8 seals with a stick of glue gun wax, when used with our 30mm wax stamp. 7mm Small Glue Gun Sealing Wax. NB: The Metropolitan Police Service does not endorse any product sold. Alibaba.com offers 989 glue gun seal wax sticks products. All rights reserved. These glue gun wax seal sticks require a glue gun to work and allows you to make approximately 10-13 wax seals per stick. Designed for use with a 7mm glue gun, sealing wax is a beautiful way to add the finishing touch to your wedding stationery and invitations. Supple wax can be cut, so it is often used on bottles. About 77% of these are stamps, 3% are other office & school supplies. If you have a glue gun, it's easy to use it with sealing wax sticks as well as glue. Sealing wax sticks can using glue gun sealing wax, which is almost ten time faster than traditional methods; Allowing one to create seals without the soot contamination of a flame. Pearl Magenta (Pink) Glue Gun Sealing Wax. Free postage. NOW Available in two sizes Small 7-8mm for the mini Glue Gun and New Large 11mm for the Professional Hot Melt Glue Guns. 5 out of 5 stars (58) 58 reviews $ 1.20. How It Works: Insert 2 wax sticks into the glue gun. Glue sticks for glue guns work almost as well, and by using a glue gun, you have a way to make many wax seals at once. High quality: Smokeless, non-toxic, no bubbles, melt easily and dry quick. We see far too many instances of people he Standard wax, also called faux wax, has additives added to the mixture to make it stronger and flexible. Use crayons and a glue gun to make an old fashioned wax seal for your letters. | - Use a new glue gun for this project that is dedicated strictly for crayons. That is because you can use them with a glue gun to melt a lot of wax quickly. 100mm long with 8mm diameter to fit a standard glue gun. A post shared by Stamptitude (@stamptitude) on Oct 18, 2017 at 7:25pm PDT This video by @elisaannecalligraphy serves as a great little tutorial for anybody wishing to use the Glue Gun sealing method.First thing to note is that the wax in this video is at perfect temperature. - Glue Gun with temperature control- Wax Sticks (made especially for the Glue Gun)- Strong 3M™ Adhesive backing sheets (25mm / 1 inch) Each pack contains enough materials to make either 50 or 100 seals, depending on your choice of quantity. This wax is designed especially for use in hot glue guns. - Sealing Wax Sticks - Wax Sticks for Glue Gun - Wax Seal - Sealing Wax - Stamp Wax Sticks - Invitation Wax Seal Sticks - Glue Gun Wax $ 1.20. Glue Gun Wax. Each stick measures approximately 13/16 inch If you don’t have a glue gun, don’t worry - we sell those too. This is the easiest wax to use if you need to make a lot of seals. - The wax can easily be melted and dripped in quick fashion to make a perfect impression every time. £6.49 to £9.99. Free postage. You can even make large batches of seals to use later. Primarily made of flexible sealing wax, this wax has been designed to melt in a Low-Temp Glue Gun.Sealing wax sticks are quick and easy to use, saving you tons of time to create more beautiful wax seals! If you don’t have a glue gun, use a wax melting spoon to pour smooth, consistent seals. One wax stick will create approximately 8 seals with a 25mm (1") wax stamp, 6 seals with a 30mm (1.2") wax stamp. 4 watching. 200mm Crystal Clear Glue Gun Sealing Wax Sticks for Wax Seal Stamp Letters. Much like the aforementioned wax sticks with wicks, these simply have no wicks at all. Watersons glue gun wax for wax seals available in a range of colours. and make 14-20 impressions. This type of wax is the perfect choice for invitations that have to travel through the postal system due to its high strength. Our factory have 50 sets of professional engraving machine for wax seals. You can also melt glue sticks over a heat source, which is slower but gives you more control over the seal’s final appearance. Great for large projects such as weddings and birthday parties. | Suppliers So why not bring it back with a little flair? The modern-day version of sealing wax to make flexible and mailable wax seal impressions. Taobao Global Letter writing is becoming a lost art. A standard size glue gun works great with modern glue gun sealing wax sticks._ EASY_TO USE: no flame required. Click & Collect. Privacy Policy Our glue gun wax is available in 27 colours in sticks of 2 sizes. Need help? - User Information Legal Enquiry Guide, © 1999-2020 Alibaba.com. 浙公网安备 33010002000092号 For use in a full-sized low temperature rated glue gun (not mini) Sticks are 3.25" x 0.43" | 182mm x 10.9mm How to use: 1.Insert your wax stick into your proper sized glue gun; Use a second wax stick in the gun … 1688.com | Affiliate, Product Listing Policy WE HAVE NO MINIMUM ORDERS Sticks are made of flexible sealing wax and molded to fit into a Full-Size (also known as Regular Size, NOT Mini) glue gun. | Glue gun and electric sealing wax melting pot needs to be bought separately. A: You can make seals easier and faster with our glue gun wax than regular sealing wax. Intellectual Property Protection Average use with a 3/4" sealing coin will create 25 seals. Wax seal stickers are very convenient to use because of the adhesive stickers on the back of the wax seal stickers. Genuine Waterstons Sealing Wax stick.