Disponibile nella versione con massa a pieno carico di 5,5 tonnellate e dotato di motore da 3,0 litri Euro VI Heavy Duty, 24 marce e tre bloccaggi differenziale, il tuo camper Daily 4x4 potrà superare qualsiasi pendenza e affrontare i terreni più accidentati e difficili, senza compromessi in termini di comfort di guida. The short-cab’s motorhome section was beautifully finished and well laid out. We reckon the eight-speed option will appeal to most Earthcruiser customers, giving two-pedal control that’s car like. News A Slide on camper for the Iveco Daily 4×4 A Trayon camper is built to have a low profile to fit behind the cab of the vehicle so aerodynamic drag is not impeded. Earthcruiser also achieved certification to increase the Iveco’s GVM to 6000kg, allowing for more payload. Camping 6 years ago | 1.5K views. Check out our walk-around video with Earthcruiser principal, Mark Fawcett: The Expedition 440T Single Cab was the second Earthcruiser Iveco Daily model, following the initial crew-cab version that could seat up to seven. The motorhome bodywork is moulded as a single piece for structural rigidity and features high-density thermal-foam walls, floor and pop-top roof to provide both strength and temperature protection. As you can imagine, fitting 4 people inside a dual cab slide on camper is a challenging engineering problem. Ford F550 Motorhome. all round to withstand very low temperatures. It also has up to 3.5 tonnes towing capacity. The shift quality was excellent. Bench tops were extended, storage space above and underneath the bench tops was increased and the rear locker was larger and accessible from either side of the vehicle. The camper itself is built on an Iveco Eurocargo 4×4 truck chassis, and the camper section alone is 10 metres long. Iveco Vehicle options are numerous and can be viewed here. IVECO 4X4 OVERLAND CAMPER Built and designed in our factory for Overlanding on the very capable Iveco 4×4 chassis in manual transmission. Custom fitouts can cost additional and not included in the price * Download our FREE "Live the Outback Dream" e-book here. The Daily cabin is modified to allow walk-through from re-profiled swivel front seats to the living area. The touch-screens monitored water in the fuel, dimmed the lights, operated the fridges remotely and viewed three external cameras. Iveco had the company V.A.S., an Italian camper van manufacturer, to hand build a G.P.R camper box to very high standards of insulation i.e. The vehicle offers maximum comfort even for the longest journeys. The Daily’s turbo-diesel performance and three-stage reduction gearing made light work of steep climbs and engine braking on descents was excellent. Hi-Matic 8 s Year 2019; Mileage 3,094 miles; Seller type Trade; Fuel type Diesel; Engine size 2,998 cc See more ideas about 4x4, expedition vehicle, off road camper. Earthcruiser Extreme – XTR NEW! Customers vary in demographic orientation, but have one thing in common: the desire to travel into remote or difficult locations, with most of the comforts of home. The standard driver’s seat in both models was an ISRI air-suspended and heated seat and the standard passenger seat was a two-place bench. The Earthcruiser options list is constantly growing and includes generators, boat racks, LED light bars, towing hitches, roof mounting tracks, satellite TVs and portable multi-fold solar panels. Steel cable or synthetic rope. Australian designed and made Earthcruiser motorhomes have found ready acceptance both here and in the USA. Hopefully, all that will be behind us in mid-2021. We’ve criticised the standard Iveco Daily 4×4 suspension for being harsh and underdamped, but the Earthcruiser’s additional weight and improved damping gave the short-cab model 4WD wagon-like ride. Blog Standard layout has an aft-set, transverse double bed, a dinette and an electric cooktop. Modifications A new double-leaf door opens up the living area, to enhance the sensation of a more spacious environment. Another specialist […] Earthcruiser specified its own lightweight heavy-duty aluminium wheels and lug-nuts to suit the Iveco Daily: believed to be the only ones available in the world. SLRV Iveco Daily 4x4 Camper Because the most beautiful destinations are often the hardest to access. May 31, 2020 - Explore Dee Cee's board "Iveco Daily 4x4" on Pinterest. For full details on the standard and optional specification available with the IVECO Daily 4x4 Euro 6 seven-tonne chassis, visit the Earthcruiser website. The standard driver’s seat in both models was an ISRI air-suspended and heated chair and the standard passenger seat was a two-place bench. 0:52. The post-2013 Iveco Daily 4×4 came as a two- or three-seat short cab or a six- or seven-seat crew cab and all outboard seating positions had lap-sash seat belts. It was built on a long wheelbase and there was a short-wheelbase model as well. There is an 1800-watt inverter/charger – also upgradable – and there are three 120-amp batteries on board. A touch screen monitoring system controls more than 80 electric and electronic functions. Con il Daily 4x4 nessun luogo è irraggiungibile. Earthcruiser can accommodate clients’ individual needs, so the interior of the test vehicle is only a guide: colours, bench layouts and bed configuration are flexible. The short-cab model had Earthcruiser’s lowered seat height and stage two shock absorbers, and both changes made a big difference to driveability and ride quality. The structure of the steel frame, the same concept seen in Iveco heavy vehicles, ensures a high-level of build sturdiness and permits for bodybuilding - from the more compact versions to the more luxurious motorhomes - of a robust vehicle. A vehicle that rides the crest of technology in all aspects, from comfort to technology, power and environmental friendliness, promises carefree holidays to customers that choose campers built on the base of an Iveco. Fiat Ducato. Aug 23, 2016 - Sherpa winches are the toughest on the market. The latest model also scores more performance from Iveco’s 3.0-litre turbo diesel four-cylinder engine that develops 180hp, with 430Nm of torque. Iveco technology guarantees power and flexibility from engines at the top of their category, which combined with rear traction and differential locking offer maximum drive, especially on slick terrain especially in low-grip conditions. 4×4 Fuso Motorhome. Destinations The array of optional extras is almost as broad as the imagination of would-be adventurers and includes detailed bar work, snorkel, toolboxes, winches, reversing and surround cameras, Bilstein shocks, air suspension, washing machine and air conditioner. With our innovative design, the Trayon “ Dual” and “ Dual-Wide” models are the only ones on the market which do so without sacrificing other features like: Fridge size, water tank size etc. There is also a continuous hot water service and a climate-control system. This is a short video of my "light" off road camper build up. A vehicle that rides the crest of technology in all aspects, from comfort to technology, power and environmental friendliness, promises carefree holidays to customers that choose campers built on the base of an Iveco. Designed from Experience: Each and every component, its size, its operation and where it fits into the whole, is a direct result of actual travel experiences. The touch-screens replaced more than 40 switches. And looks aside, it’s not a bad thing necessarily. Search and compare prices for iveco Motorhomes in Australia. Available in 12V or 24V. The offer is among the broadest available on the market with versions ranging from 3.5 to 7.2 tonnes and single- or twin-wheel versions, 4 engines and a choice of 3 transmissions. There have been many detail changes to Iveco Earthcruisers since 2014, but the proved layout continued. The lowered seating was much more ergonomic than the standard arrangement. There are multiple configurations available, including single and queen beds, with plush high-density mattresses with memory foam topper and a fold-down table. There are short-cab and crew-cab versions. © 2019 Outback Travel Australia. This development is long overdue, but don’t blame Earthcruiser. Mixed. 100mm of P.U. We had a short drive in the first 2021 Earthcruiser and found it a significant step forward for this quality customer builder. More information... People also love these ideas beads which do not clump, turn to powder, absorb moisture or require special valves. In comparison with its Japanese light truck counterparts the Daily 4×4 had better ergonomics, better access, better on and off-road ride, handling and performance, as well as offering bodybuilders the option of a walk-through cab to body corridor. Retail van. Custom Hiace Campervans. From the driving position the impression was that we were sitting ’in’ rather than ‘on top of’ the Daily 4×4. See more ideas about 4x4, expedition vehicle, off road camper. 209000 km; 7 ft; Auto; Will consider swap for a Twin cab 4x4 Regretfully I have to sell my pet project! Wiring was upgraded and purpose-built touchscreens were employed to control more options, including electric awnings on one or both sides of the vehicle. Both motorhomes handled steep, rocky fire trails with ease and, thanks to the relatively narrow wheel track of the Daily, fitted into ruts made by LandCruisers. Imagine travelling off road to reach an amazing remote location in your SLRV 4×4 motorhome setting up camp and relaxing out under the awning. Thanks to the wide viewing angles, through both the windscreen and rear-view mirrors, featuring wide-angle and large dimensions, the driver can handle the vehicle in complete safety, even with larger motorhomes. The Iveco Daily 4×4 camper provides a ready to go, Expedition specific vehicle platform – with super single wheels and tyres, parabolic suspension, high and low range transfer case and front, centre and rear diff locks from the factory. 2019 RS Endeavour with Slide Out Centre island bed above a large garage 6 Berth Motorhome 1 Owner from new, 3094 Miles Build on the Iveco daily 72C21 3.0 Litre diesel engine with 210bhp. HIACE POP-TOP. ISUZU NPS 500. Earthcruiser employs 17-inch forged aluminium wheels, each with a 2250kg load rating and 37-inch Kevlar-reinforced mud terrain tyres with a 2300kg rating. The Earthcruiser range now offers easier operation and improved on-road ability. Follow. Iveco Daily 40.10 TD 4x4 Camper Puro... trovocamper. Oct 11, 2020 - Explore garreth's board "Iveco daily 4x4" on Pinterest. Pricing for an Earthcruiser model started around $280,000. The entry doubled as a ‘mud room’ and bathroom, featuring a space-saving electric slide-in/out toilet. Iveco Daily 4×4, B license, differential lock + reduced set for off-road heavy, gas shock absorbers, extra water and fuel tanks, bathroom with shower and outdoor toilet and a removable cassette, all measures 255/85 tires mounted booklet / 16, 9 people traveling, 2 bed but customizable, 6 wheels and tires, new clutch and engine […] This latter feature wasn’t possible with Japanese vehicles that had the engine located between the driver and passenger seats. 0:56. semintegrale iveco camper marostica... trovocamper. Iveco 4x4 Iveco Daily 4x4 Camper Caravan Truck Camper Offroad Camper Best Off Road Vehicles Extreme 4x4 6x6 Truck Slide In Camper. NEW VEHICLE BUILD STARTS FROM $350,000* * All Bus 4x4 vehicles are built to order and not available in stock unless listed for sale. These were fitted with Toyo Open Country Mud Terrain 37×13.50R17 tyres using internal stainless steel balance Shop, OUTBACK TRAVEL AUSTRALIA PO Box 667 Moss Vale NSW 2577, News, updates, reviews and more from Allan Whiting directly to your inbox. Horse Truck. About Contact Us About us. iveco daily 4x4 camper marostica. Read latest news and reviews about iveco Motorhomes. The only downside we experienced was a noticeable ‘whine’ from the driveline, but this was expected to lessen greatly when the transmission ‘bedded in’. ScrubMaster Overland Expedition Vehicle in Detail. EXP - 7 Tonne GVM Iveco Daily Euro 6 - Light Rigid Licence. Playing next. The SLRV Iveco Eurocargo based 4x4 expedition vehicle is available in a variety of configurations - something to suit all requirements. We had a brief on and off road drive in both 2014 Earthcruiser Iveco models, on roads and tracks not far from the company’s southern-Sydney factory. There are short-cab and crew-cab versions. Our Iveco 4×4 are fitted with a custom aero moulded nose cone, reducing wind drag dramatically, increasing cruising speed with less fuel consumption. The Iveco Daily 4x4 was released in 2013 and was an overnight success, but it wasn't the first off-road derivative of the 4x2 Daily. Earthcruiser’s 2014 model featured a larger interior, achieved by maintaining the overall height (still allowing for containerisation) and lowering the floor closer to the chassis. iveco daily 4x4 camper marostica. Puffybatting. A major change involved moving the shower/toilet module to the doorway, forming a ‘wet-entry’  into the living space. Although the 2021 model has independent front suspension and a lower entry level, it retains the former minimum ground clearance dimension and off-road ability. Suits Toyota Nissan Mitsubishi Land Rover Ford Jeep Isuzu Iveco Mazda Suzuki. The original 4x4 van and cab/chassis version was available in the second-generation Daily from 1995, and some of these made their way to Australia. 4×4 Iveco Daily Truck Camper. It’s a project that has emerged from the Meyerton workshops of Custom Campers, a business that’s run to extremely high standards by Fred Oosthuizen. Other conveniences included electric spare wheel carriers, LED trailer light compatibility, and up to 1000 watts of walk-on mono-crystalline light weight panels. a sitting and dining area. As with the Fuso-based Earthcruiser the Iveco-based models had a fibreglass pop-top body, with inbuilt shower/toilet. “The IVECO Daily chassis provides a very flexible basis for the ultimate adventure camper, as it is available in many configurations, so there’s a solution for everyone,” Mark said. Driving/Towing Earthcruiser motorhomes are now built mainly on the Iveco Daily 4×4 platform. The 2021 model boasts a much stronger chassis and rear axle than its predecessor, making Earthcruiser’s motorhome build more straightforward than before, with no need for chassis extension and GVM upgrade. The ergonomic seating position and controls, along with the adjustable steering wheel (45 mm longitudinal adjustment space), help reduce driver fatigue and boost concentration. 2011 11 Iveco daily TD 50c15 LWB high roof, 3.0 diesel, 6 speed manual, 5 door camper, white, 12 months MOT, 13,000 miles from new, warranted mileage, not... 8 gumtree.com Buyers Guide Comfort is also ensured by the technology applied to the suspensions: the rear suspension can be equipped with an air suspension that electronically controls the vehicle’s weight distribution to optimally absorb vibrations, thus guaranteeing stable and low-noise driving. Compared to the Single cab models. The independent front suspension gave improved ride, handling and steering quality. Volkswagen T6 Euro Sparrow Campervan. Home comforts include a stainless-steel kitchen sink, inside and outside shower, slide-out internal toilet, fresh-water drinking fountain and upright fridge-freezer. This vehicle served as an evaluation unit, so production models varied in detail from the vehicle in these photographs. All Caravans for Sale; ... 5th Avenue Slide on Campers (1) Cape York Trailers (2) Sunland (19) Living Edge (3) Explorer (1) SLR (3) Sunrise (2) ... 2016 Iveco Daily 50C Himatic Sunliner Holiday H507 Motorhome. Isuzu Motorhome. A couple would have no trouble living in this vehicle for extended periods and the four-place seating would make it possible to have friends or family aboard. Behind the engine sits the carry-over six-speed manual box, or an eight-speed torque converter automatic transmission. View our complete range of Iveco caravans, campers, motorhomes and RVs for sale throughout Australia ; Buy. When we checked out the Iveco Daily 4×4 in 2012 we knew that it would be only a matter of time before bodybuilders found ways to set up this excellent off-road vehicle for working and recreational vocations. The Iveco also had the option of a two-seat passenger bench, making the short-cab a three-seater. The qualities and values inscribed in the DNA of the New Daily also make it the perfect base for a camper or motorhome. The Iveco seats were lowered to provide a more comfortable seating position. A 100-litre water tank is standard and a 400-litre tank is optionally available. Isuzu 4×4. Lowering the floor didn’t impede wheel travel and the integrity of the chassis was maintained through the use of a kinetic body mounting system. Earthcruiser created new interior layouts to optimise the vehicle’s space. Iveco has had a double whammy that’s held up the launch of the 2021 Daily range: Covid-19 and some unspecified in-field issues with test vehicles. Iveco has developed new versions  that are specific to the leisure vehicle sector with a GVW of 4, 5.6 and 7.2 tonnes on twin wheel versions. For more photos don't hesitate to contact me . Ground clearance and chassis angles ensured that nothing but the tyres touched the ground. EARTHCRUISER IVECO MODELS The Earthcruiser range now offers easier operation and improved on-road ability. The Iveco Daily 4x4 came as a two- or three-seat short cab or a six- or seven-seat crew cab and all outboard seating positions had lap-sash seat belts. Iveco Daily 50c18 Long wheel base, High top Largest van on the market only needing Open C licence 3ltr common rail Turbo Diesel Agile Auto/Manual gearbox 2010 209,000 km Dual rear wheel drive, Light bar, and power for rack lights TV and radio/mobile cables ready on roof. 0:28. Earthcruiser adds an upgraded 85-litre AdBlue tank, to extend the range to around 2800km between refills. Ducato ELWB. Aug 17, 2019 - An interesting vehicle built by the Italian company Scam for Iveco as the basis of an expedition support vehicle. XTR - 4.5 Tonne GVM Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series - 2.5m Camper - Standard Car Licence. Camper Caravan Truck Camper Camper Trailers Iveco Daily Camper Iveco Daily 4x4 Vw T Volkswagen Iveco 4x4 Custom Campers Home - Custom Campers GmbH Willkommen Seit Anfang 1997 beschäftigen wir uns mit dem Aus- und Umbau von hoch geländegängigen Fahrzeugen zu Spezial- oder Expeditionsmobilen. © Iveco - A CNH INDUSTRIAL COMPANY - IT09709770011 –, Range of engines, performance and profitability, "Strong by Nature": the communication campaign, The New Daily Camper: maximum comfort even on the longest journeys. Purpose-built shock absorbers for overland travel were standard. Earthcruiser Express XPS slide-on camper. Govt. One system controlled and monitored the entire camper, with multi-access points conveniently located in the truck cab and in the camper. The lower floor height allowed walk-through from cab to motorhome section and swivel seat mounts were introduced to create The cook-top can be either induction or diesel powered. Dove Camper Conversions. Earthcruiser motorhomes are now built mainly on the Iveco Daily 4×4 platform.